Thursday, October 30, 2003

Hello... Is it just me or are the entries not seen on the online blog?
Dont even see my last entry.

yup.. so hows revision everybody? Bah... feel kind of dumb asking that cos I've liked stuck with so much more. Been going to school nearly everyday, drinking coffee like water now, and surviving on 5+ hours of sleep... sounds really sad
If only i had done this earlier, like last year maybe i would have gotten like 4 s papers or something.... haha... or prob ended up at the famous institution up north.

I love math, i love physics, and i love chem.............. at least until the end of nov! ;p

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Thursday, October 23, 2003

hey dewen i just read your posting, ms heng will faint on the spot immediately after reading the first paragraph lah... haha, but i gotta admit, it's sure an interesting one.. muahaha...

eh jinyang, what you thinking for the hike.. nothing funny ah, i hope.. *grin* btw, who'e the extra 6th person? last count when you told me it was 5.. you, me, weichong, lixin, ruoling... heh, me cant wait too... finally... wonder if they would have a marathon for LOTR as well, that would be interesting and i wld sure catch it for sure.. haha...

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

i was browsing my old guide handbooks some days ago, i realised that I was quite a slacker.. oops..
Hey I've finally got the tickets for the matrix movie :)
For the 6 of you ppl who booked through me its on 6th nov at 1015, PS
yup... haha.... cant wait

"Everything that has a beginning has an end"
Finally getting to watch the last movie after waiting so many years... was it in 1999? Haha... cant remember liao

Oh btw way lixin, i have the perfect route for the class hike ya.... haha i tell you its going to be a very interesting hike

Monday, October 20, 2003

yoyoyoyoyo... tomorrow's Physic Prac! our LAST PRACTICAL EVER!!! :) to those who are actually reading this before the practical, all the best! give it your best shot!

oh dewen.. it's at or you can just go straight to (yes, with two .coms) and search for ad-aware straight... oh FINE. here it is click here!

hope you'll get there, tabbing your way..

Saturday, October 18, 2003

what the..
a pity this website doesn't support chinese txt, can get the rest to write in fluent chinese that will put us to shame..
alamak.. we are chinese, but we haven't written chinese characters for at least half a year? sigh..

Friday, October 17, 2003

dewen.. it's an ILLUSION that my GP is good. it's lucky for me that somehow ms heng understands my points... just look at my prelim essay and you'll get the idea. yep. so don't worry bout it! just do what you can... and hope you'll get a marker that appreciates what you write, rather than condemn it as silly garbage!

me agree night hike is best left alone.. not v safe if people go out in pairs only at night... hey nana.. how about this. go take a photo with the gorrilas at the zoo, then go climb mount faber, visit jurong point, get to sungei buloh (apparently no buses go there... *evil grin*), then visit white sands, and pit stop is at sentosa. *buahahahha*

okay. thinking too much. gotta go study food chem! EEEEEWWWWW... *yucks*
me? you're asking me for gp help? you sure anot... my gp is not qiang loh...*blearh*
yeah dewen, you sure can entertain everybody in here..haha...

regrding the nite hike, i think a simple one will do.. if you want an amazing race for nite hike, i think everybody wont reach the pitstop in time cos there wont be buses running around so late to fetch everybody around... cos i was thinking of making people go from jurong point,to changi village then to the causeway and back to clarke quay!!! er. think that mite be a li' too extreme... hahaha.... *oops*

Thursday, October 16, 2003

ladies n gentlemen..
may i have some suggestions to how the Night Hike shld be like?
Shld it be like the Amazing race or just a "simple" night hike?
can't help it.. a bit bored, decided to plan for it in advance..
Hmmm.. was thinking of working on a shoestring budget of say $20 plus $10 transport..
or we can save the $10 and walk around instead! =P

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

it's been quite some time... but YAH!! i think i just wasted my money taking the SAT. dimmit. this time round i was determined not to leave any question blank. i figured that if i keep leaving them blank, i would never get a better score! so wth, just tikam here and there... lalala... hey jy! i also rushed out to the toilet! hahaha... i was sitting right in front so it was very convenient.. *grin* blessing in disguise that i got there later... guess what?! i actually forgot my ez-link that day! thank goodness i had my passport with me... was supposed to go apply for visa mah.. anyway, there i was digging for my passport and all the people around me giving me wierd looks..."wah this person so swakoo don't know can use ez-link?!!!!" ;(

chem prac was Horrible. yes, with a capital H. maybe i should bold in and caps it, italise (is there such a word? another self-invented word...) and underline it. sigh... oh well! there's still 200 marks out there for me to grab! (*sob*) so shan't tarry in here, off to the books now! tataz...

Monday, October 13, 2003

actually i think st francis methodist not bad.. just that my room was freezing cold... and it's quite uluated.. that's all.. haha..
go SMU and take lah..
the invigilator was quite entertaining.. at least the one who took my room.. =)

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Emm.... haha..... over?
Was freezing cold la.... 1st time I wore my jacket this year I think, and to add to that it was raining. The test was ok. The only thing that bothered me was that lady who was reading out the instructions about how we were to take the examination, that we should not try to cheat by asking others for help and we could not leave the building before the test was over … blah blah blah. Just imagine that recorded voice you hear when you call customer service on the phone… slow and monotonous! I really wanted to throw my pen at her la… she also had the nerve to demand for my ID when it was just left under her nose!

Oh and another thing that irritated me was how they requested for us to come early and made us wait outside the centre till quite late while they took their time to set up the registration counter in the narrow corridors. During the break, the queue for the toilet was so long I was glad I rushed out early. I counted like 20 guys waiting to use the toilet after me! If you ask me, try not to take the Sats at Bras Brasar… go somewhere else, anywhere else but here. But if you really don’t want to listen don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

how was SAT?

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Emm... hello all

DW?... Emm.... seems to me I'm also going to Bras Brasah for the same reason this week. Hmm... what luck.
Could take you there if you dun feel confident enough ha.
oh man.. i'm quite lousy too, a singaporean lost in singapore's concrete jungles..
hey.. you should go watch film fest.. they're going to have a show called nine peanuts..hehe... my sis is doing some parts of the music...
yah rite.. i wan peanuts!! give me! =P

Monday, October 06, 2003

xinxin, i think the problem with you is that you can only navigate thru the jungle... no wonder you're a monkey.. teehee.*grin*

Sunday, October 05, 2003

erm... i think i'm becoming a lousier road idiot..
i couldn't remember the route to a hawker centre that I went yesterday, and it's just across the road only... =P
can lah.. can believe lah... just don't be so shy that when we go vietnam you push everything to me. you're taking the compass. (if we ever go... :/ )

Saturday, October 04, 2003

what the...
there's no need to publish this online rite?
anyway, like what i said before, I AM SHY BY NATURE.
Believe it or not.. I used to be so shy tht I didn't dare to order my food in the canteen even though I was already in pri5? can't remember lah, just tht I was afraid of making a fool of myself..
the biggest joke of the year: apparently a friend of mine (a girl, dont get any weird ideas... haha..) thinks that lixin is shy!!!! woohooo! oopps. "x

i nearly died of laughter when i read the msg. xinxin. u reading this? teehee...

Friday, October 03, 2003

Sentosa Siloso Beach 2nd October 2003
harlow liuxin and haitao... hey na... you make me feel like just posting crap so i'll get the longest entry award.. hahah... oh well. triple whammer today! Whee... and what am i still doing here? hai. doesn't matter! still got to check my mail and stuff.. but then again, who's mailing when everyone's mugging? *hmm* anyways, for those who aren't in the yahoogroups yet... or for our seniors or juniors or whoever's reading this page, xuancong has kindly put up 3 photos on his website for us... its at this address... Yup. looks of bliss before we got our results back! don't forget that you can always destress here... (dimmit. looks like i still don't get the longest entry award...)
oops. nana here! whee. haha.. thought i'd drop a note in here considering it's OUR class blog... heh. hey pple, me and lixin (dont you DARE run away from this i tell you..) will be setting up a class webpage after the Alevels so you guys can tell us whatever you want to put up on the webpage and of course, we'll be more than happy to accept help from everybody.. yupyup... mite be linking up to whichever hc s33 class webpages (which exist on this internet) but that's still a BIG if.. most impt thing is to get out our class website.. oh yeah, we wld need photos as well, so it wld really help if you guys could pass us photos or scan in photos for us, then email it to us.. yepyep..

oh our class email!! dearies, please please sign up with our class yahoogroups.. i'll be sending the invites again so please sign up.. it's an email whereby you guys can send crap or whatsoever.. haha.. it would be another good way to keep in touch with everybody considering how far everybody would live apart in future.. yepyep...

think i've posted the longest msg here so far i think.. i hope.. whee. yeah! okay, that was for the fun of it anyway. haha.. but do think about our class webpage yeah.. it takes a whole class to make the class website perfect.. and TAN LIXIN, you're helping me. dont care. so there. "P
hello haitao, liu xin..
feel free to post msg here..
so we can keep in contact even after we grad.. =)

Thursday, October 02, 2003

hellos hellos! welcomes to our blog! think you guys would be able to play around with this thing yah.. aiyah... know we have an email liao. but then agains, this website is kinda public so our seniors and juniors can always check in to drop us messages at the tagboard too... so feel free to tell them abt it! but of course we must add stuff in it lah. pls don't let it be an empty shell... especially after A's, and after we leave hwa chong. its then that we should really log in regularly to let one another know how we're doing... can still use the email to share files and all though! yup yup.... BTW. if you have no idea what our class email is, you ought to ask nana to add you into the group... it's at yahoogroups yep..
aiyah. help me add the people and there'll be people around. :)
anybody ard?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

hello pple!