Friday, October 17, 2003

dewen.. it's an ILLUSION that my GP is good. it's lucky for me that somehow ms heng understands my points... just look at my prelim essay and you'll get the idea. yep. so don't worry bout it! just do what you can... and hope you'll get a marker that appreciates what you write, rather than condemn it as silly garbage!

me agree night hike is best left alone.. not v safe if people go out in pairs only at night... hey nana.. how about this. go take a photo with the gorrilas at the zoo, then go climb mount faber, visit jurong point, get to sungei buloh (apparently no buses go there... *evil grin*), then visit white sands, and pit stop is at sentosa. *buahahahha*

okay. thinking too much. gotta go study food chem! EEEEEWWWWW... *yucks*


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