Wednesday, October 15, 2003

it's been quite some time... but YAH!! i think i just wasted my money taking the SAT. dimmit. this time round i was determined not to leave any question blank. i figured that if i keep leaving them blank, i would never get a better score! so wth, just tikam here and there... lalala... hey jy! i also rushed out to the toilet! hahaha... i was sitting right in front so it was very convenient.. *grin* blessing in disguise that i got there later... guess what?! i actually forgot my ez-link that day! thank goodness i had my passport with me... was supposed to go apply for visa mah.. anyway, there i was digging for my passport and all the people around me giving me wierd looks..."wah this person so swakoo don't know can use ez-link?!!!!" ;(

chem prac was Horrible. yes, with a capital H. maybe i should bold in and caps it, italise (is there such a word? another self-invented word...) and underline it. sigh... oh well! there's still 200 marks out there for me to grab! (*sob*) so shan't tarry in here, off to the books now! tataz...


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