Tuesday, December 28, 2004

hello :) i'm back. italy was fun... next time i show you all my photos.

haha... you all no need to fit into my schedule lah.. and you all are free to come to my house anyday :)

and as for class outing.. i should be free on both days... so i dont mind anything. hope to see you all soon.

Monday, December 27, 2004

what on earth is the golden rooster?
i dont mind going for orientation campfire.. provided there are people going..
jinyang you can make it meh? grin.
heY ppl

anybody crashing hwa chong theses few days? haha... i dont mind going back for the golden rooster ;P
perhaps at the orientation campfire?

Saturday, December 25, 2004

I'm back! haha... brunei is one place you never want to go just for fun. bah! nothing to do there except explore their natural terrain. lost 7kg after a 10 day exercise cos we were only given like 2 days worth of food for the entire 10 days! haha... but managed to gain back all of it just before i came back when they allowed us to visit the canteen as often as we liked.

things i have learnt:
1. true monsoon rain can last very long (up to 11 hours)
2. taking care of your feet is very important unless you want to get foot rot
3. food tastes better when its cooked or when its warm
4. true colours only emerge when the going gets really tough
5. appreciate what you already have (a shelter over your head, food whenever you are hungry, warmnt and protection from the cold night and company of the people around you)

bah... anyway

Merry Xmas to all of you out there
Count your blessings and have a wonderful year ahead in 2005.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

heys people (:
me jinyang and ruoling were discussing about class meal [be it lunch or dinner]
we came up with two dates
080105 or 090105.
choose one dearies (:
hopefully this will happen
*crosses fingers*

Friday, December 17, 2004

actually.. 31st. of course i hope we'll complete the race... but if we do fall out early, we might be able to just go sijia's house and continue the mahjong session... :/ nana teo...i got the marker and the masking tape... now left with garbage bagggg :( wanna me to go get the poncho???

Thursday, December 16, 2004

it's hard to fit into everyone's schedule..
I have a camp that will be from 28th to 30th. As asst camp i/c, it's something i will not skip at all costs..
What abt the 31st though?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

mm wonder if we can all make it for the mahjong session if we're gonna have any.. but how about planning for our annual chinese new year class gathering next year first? (:
lets try to make this an annual thing, dint we say so last year?
so at least we'll see each other once a year, if we're too busy to meet during the hols..

in any case, im fine with anyday for mahjong session though (:
according to sijia's schedule, make it after 271204? so that leaves 28, 29. 30 and 31 me and ruoling jinyang got amazing race plus i have driving test on 30th morning..

Monday, December 13, 2004

hello dears...

well, firstly, hmmm... i also dunno what to say but that i do agree with xinxin when she said that face to face conversations are still the best. And yes when compared to uni life, i still miss the jc days and all of you... no matter how unfrequently i blog or talk to you all.

oh yes.. and i will be overseas from 17 to 27 december. but but... i do really miss mahjong ... mahjong outing one day? you all can come to my house if you want :) hope to be able to see you all soon :)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

when when? i'll be in hall.. just take 30 down loh... :)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

i'm getting too poetic..

well anyway, if anyone's free next wk, u r welcome to come along to my hse during the afternoon.. not that i haf much to offer.. coffee/tea/milo/horlicks/honey water made by me and inclusive of lunch as well?? just go marketing with me and then let's haf a simple meal?? either mon or thur or fri.. my niece won't be ard though, so nana, no chance of pinching! and like i mention.. pinching is only restricted to official aunts.. =P
yer know what?
actually i think alot of us are still trapped in the JC period

I am

cos army is not really something u move on into..
(btw i'm in the AIRFORCE, and not the ARMY.. jus to make sure ha!)

i dun cheong.. dun like libraries either
but hey let's all go chill like at like urm lido or somethin'
just pick a date lo..
and hey i'm listening

i dun mind like mahjong though so
now everybody holidays right
only must check where jin yang is..
(are u still like in brunei fighting off commando mosquitoes?)
Yap. i bet wilbur is free.
and weichong is somewhere in malaysia deep in love. (right dude? whoa haven't seen yer in a long time, how've yer been?)

So here's from me.
The Sloth.
by the way, i dont mind your humble abode, and i love the cries of your niece.
can i pinch her cheeks?
well look at it this way.
things are going relatively easier for you guys because you all have at least someone in the same school with you there. no matter how big the school is.
i believe in face to face conversations too.
been trying to initiate.
but everybody is so busy with their uni lives.
so busy with the present.
no one seems to be holding on to the past as tightly as i am.
because you have someone there right now with you to remind and talk about the past.
unlike me.
harping on the past is no use, yes i agree.
but i have no present to hold on to too.
so is it that wrong for me to harp on the past and hope in the slightest wishes that somebody would be willing to accompany me down this road of memories, or would you rather leave someone behind and move on to the future.

its easy for all of you to say "to move on".
yet you dont understand the difficulty of adapting to a whole new environment.
to adapt to a whole new culture.
where people are people whom we dont want to associate with.
people at smu here. they cheong. they pub.
they dont visit the library. they think going to the movies is boring.
im sorry but i DONT cheong, neither do i PUB.
i love the library, i love the movies.
but there's always no one there.
because everybody is always so busy.

maybe its just me.
im not blowing my top here now.
im justifying myself for how i feel, what i feel.
i dont ask for much actually, a lunch. a dinner. even tea.
short quality time together beats long hours with nothing said nothing done.

is anyone listening at all.
i really dont know.
i strongly believe in face to face conversations, cuz we seem to be having conflicts online every now and then..
funnily enough, it seems that no one is bothered with this.. like i'm blowing my temper here and well, to no audience.

Life's a long winding path, conflicts r part and parcel of it, if we can't even handle small conflicts, then how r we gonna shoulder the heavier ones that come along in future?

We seem to be drifting away from each other, perhaps because of different courses, different schedules and of course different lifestyles.

Why can't we simply haf a mass cookout session? Just heading to someone's hse to bake cookies.. why not? I still rem that very day when i made yan dao kia cookies.. and in contrast to yuan's PRC cookies.. I do apologise to my PRC classmates for that joke, but it was a heartwarming session..

Mahjong can only accommodate 4 pple.. haf more tables? Or why don't we just engage in conversations over a cup of tea? Need we go flashy cafes? No need.. If you don't mind my humble abode, which is really small and the cries of my niece, i really welcome u guys anytime along.

No matter how bz i seem, friends r never far away from my mind.

I chose Hwa Chong instead of NJ for a simple reason. I expected pple in HC to be more outgoing and i no longer haf to organise outings. I want to take a backseat sometimes. I don't want to be the driver always.

Was i wrong?

Harping on the past is of no use. SImply because everything changes.

Why do we hang on to the past so much? Cuz the past tasted much sweeter.

Our pursuit for a new life in university seems to have overshadowed our guilt to go for 02s33 outings. Even when we do go out, we split up into our individual groups. Not that i minded a lot, cuz everyone has different interests. I haf to accept u all for being who u r. I am no saint. I am a human who needs care too. I wish i am a machine who can take flare ups easily, take mean phrases easily as they come, possess no sadness, possess no feeling of hurt when harsh words r hurtled at me and be always there for everyone who wants to flare up at somebody, just so that they can relieve their anger. Yet I am not.

Words mean a lot to me. Cuz they travel through the ears, get processed in the brain and send signals to the heart.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

yupyup.. lets meet up. :) when?
hello guys
when do you guys wanna meet up?
or do you guys not wanna meet up?

though i know people rarely check this place.
even if we do, its only a few of us.