Saturday, December 25, 2004

I'm back! haha... brunei is one place you never want to go just for fun. bah! nothing to do there except explore their natural terrain. lost 7kg after a 10 day exercise cos we were only given like 2 days worth of food for the entire 10 days! haha... but managed to gain back all of it just before i came back when they allowed us to visit the canteen as often as we liked.

things i have learnt:
1. true monsoon rain can last very long (up to 11 hours)
2. taking care of your feet is very important unless you want to get foot rot
3. food tastes better when its cooked or when its warm
4. true colours only emerge when the going gets really tough
5. appreciate what you already have (a shelter over your head, food whenever you are hungry, warmnt and protection from the cold night and company of the people around you)

bah... anyway

Merry Xmas to all of you out there
Count your blessings and have a wonderful year ahead in 2005.


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