Wednesday, June 30, 2004

yuppers it's me! dewen! i can't believe my name's blah blah.. i mean maybe cos if someone asks me for my name i would go blah blah.. or maybe blah blah is the sane name of the game.. or maybe..

ok someone shut me up.

btw stay out means .. i get to go home to sleep!!! whoopers goopers froopers!
Eh, if you all haven't watched any movie recently, i recommend watching tht Korean show, Windstuck! It's a romantic comedy can milk ur laughter n tears towards the end of the show! In chinese, it's called ye3 man2 shi1 jie3
Really nice..
There's a lot of good shows this year.. haha saw some previews of what's coming and all the shows seem good..
that sounded like dewen.
i shall presume he's dewen. wahahahaha.
yo dude, havent heard from you for so long..
girls are mostly busy with uni stuff i suppose..
i start getting busy starting 2 weeks later.. whee.
can meet up for dinner sometime and catch up on things and talk..
or catch a movie together too..

what does stayout mean?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

yoz dudes! howz things been.. like urm.. all of yer are busy.. man i wish i can be in uni soon.. i made a pass since i got to my camp and it's got my ord date which is april 2006 and i see it all the time and it feels like the army is jus rubbing it in..

yap got out of combat medic course and now in the airfoce 1st medical squadron as a medic! it's stayout, which is good, but dealing with pple's lives here. i jus hope i dun get confined for one year for mishandling patients. No most of them ARE males. Ok wait.. that jus sounded bad.

and plus the camp has tv and net access! like whoa!

are yer guys meeting up again? sorry been busy lo.. gosh i feel like i'm working now man.. with so many things to do.. but better than those pple who stay in jungles and suck grass like they're cigerrates (i can't spel) everyday.. ok they dun do that..

me? now the doctor wants us to be physically fit and makes us do chin-ups and runs. gosh i can't run anymore!! God give me wings to run.. i mean to fly.. argh.

oh yes.. as to why i haven blogged... heh jus guessed my password correctly finally.. oops. what's a guy got to do with a poor memory man.

miss yer guys. (ok that's too mushy) chill guys! hope yer all enjoy your life now.. yapz


Sunday, June 27, 2004

hi dears :) i'm back. yupyup, lets meet up one day. when? do what?
hello everyone! yes yes i'm going for multiple camps.. thats why my blog has been stagnant for quite a while.. not to worry! i'll be back in a while.. as they always say, absence makes the heart grow fonder... hahahahahha.. whoops. :) just a note, for the next four days, i'll be living in the wilderness.. that means no charging of phones... so i'll prob switch it off during the day.. so if you need to get me just leave a voice mail i'll get back to you at night k? meanwhile.. you guys take care yeap? ntu just sent lots of camping stuff so i reckon xin xin and venus would be busy too.. and nana.. july's coming too! so you'll be busy too!! so lets all go out there, play a while more, before we meet up again to exchange stories about wierdos and chao ah guas.. (grins at eileen) and nana..i miss going to buttercup already... :(
sorry.. xin xin.. its okie. but i so long never see you liao. lets meet up some day after ruoling finished with her multiple camp ya. I think i will really like studying in NUS. the people there so nice and the camp just simply win me over. yupz..
Hows everybody? I guess everybody will be busy since school is starting soon. Anybody interested in having a gathering one day? Are you all interested in having a bbq or just a dinner outing? Lets meet up one day before everybody starts to be real busy again k.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

well im still here la.. everybody is off for camps except the two of us mah.. or was, at least and they will be gone next week as well.. for ODAC and CAC camps. yeah lor. so we're two lonely souls here. sighhhh. bored. when is your sports camp? you guys are better la, still got camps to go to.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Why so quiet nowadays?
All of you still working or at camps ah?
Seems so long ever since i last met you pple.. i must apologise for sinking into my work and not being able to meet up.. Before i go for NTU sports camp, wld it be possible to meet up for lunch or dinner? What abt a movie?
Even if we don wan to spend too much $$, just sitting down at starbucks or coffee bean drinking coffee/tea will be enough.. yeah..

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Yo eileen!
Hope you had a nice day out with the rest yesterday.. I'm sorry i couldn't turn up, cuz i had to attend my sch band concert.. Got tricked to buy the ticket la.. but it's not tht bad afterall i guess..
hey nana.. don't worry.. i'll try very hard not to kill myself... at most i'll kill yaya. :)

Friday, June 18, 2004

heyy dont kill youself over the number of camps you're attending hor.. take care yeah? =) anyway, i cant make it on sunday cos im going out with him la.. the one and only day he's free when im free on all other days. just in case people misunderstand me to be booked 24/7. yeaps.
hey pple! i'm back from sheares camp... if you havn't been to my blog, here's just a picture from the camp...

yup. you guys still remember that place? :) anyway.. how have you guys been doing? lixin just came back from thailand right? and nana.. what have you been up to? wanna go out on sunday? eileen, happy birthday in advance! sorry i can't go to your outing tomorrow... venus ah! where are you ah? but anyway i'll see her tonight... hey guys. how's army coming along? i heard that it does damage to your brain cos you don't think very much do you?.. heh.. anyway, i've decided to go for engine camp. (yes i'm courting death here) even though i don't think we'll end up in the same group girls. cos there'll definitely be too little girls... anwyay, i heard that when we get to sentosa we'll join up with business camp so thats not too bad yeah? but in any case, i'll try to enjoy myself lah..

if you're thinking about a hall to join, join sheares hall! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2004

whassup with 210704 and 220704?
Yo everybody!
I'm going bangkok tmr.. so pls do not sms me until the evening of 17th June.. unless you want to incur a charge of 15c per sms u send me..
I think tht's the charge but i'm not very sure if it will be more expensive.. alternatively, if u really (x 1000) need to look for me urgently, you can use internet sms on but do indicate ur name la..

K k you pple take care yah? =)
hmmm then how abt the 21st and 22nd july thingy??

Friday, June 11, 2004

hello venus! you're finally here! hee.. must be real busy at work.. anyway, i don't think we'll be having a class chalet.. cos for july weekends are all fully booked, so it means that the guys won't be joining in the chalet, if we do have one.. and that leaves very little people who would turn up to stay over.. :/ sorry folks. maybe we just go crash venus's house or nana's house impromptu one day? just bring food and vcds and mahjong and tap on the door? *grin*
yeaps. july got alot of workshops but relatively okay la i suppose..
hallo... bleah sorry haven't been blogging here ever since dunno when... how's everyone??? hmm...all the nus pple going for the camps right?? hey xin xin!! we can go for camps together!!! hmmm nana... smu got a lot of activities in july is it?? yup.. finally having some slacking time now during work. no irritating callers so far! *cross fingers* hmm.. is there a class chalet coming up??

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

hello :) wow, very long no one blog already. so may i confirm when our class chalet is? or haven book yet?