Friday, June 18, 2004

hey pple! i'm back from sheares camp... if you havn't been to my blog, here's just a picture from the camp...

yup. you guys still remember that place? :) anyway.. how have you guys been doing? lixin just came back from thailand right? and nana.. what have you been up to? wanna go out on sunday? eileen, happy birthday in advance! sorry i can't go to your outing tomorrow... venus ah! where are you ah? but anyway i'll see her tonight... hey guys. how's army coming along? i heard that it does damage to your brain cos you don't think very much do you?.. heh.. anyway, i've decided to go for engine camp. (yes i'm courting death here) even though i don't think we'll end up in the same group girls. cos there'll definitely be too little girls... anwyay, i heard that when we get to sentosa we'll join up with business camp so thats not too bad yeah? but in any case, i'll try to enjoy myself lah..

if you're thinking about a hall to join, join sheares hall! :)


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