Sunday, May 30, 2004

Hello everybody :)

Nope i didnt fall into anymore drains :P haha... feel kind of dumb man. Yup i heard my friend from a different wing also fell into another large drain. He wasnt so lucky unfortunately and hurt his tooth. If Im not wrong he fell in head first so it was really bad. I think his teeth were pushed into his gums or something. Hopefully its nothing serious, yup i saw him the other day and he looked ok. Lots of people geting OOC here in OCS... quite a hazardous place to be in. Dewen, Wilbur so how abt you guys? Any interesting stuff to share with us?

Anyway, I just came back from the HC Elddfs play - The odd couple. Its quite a funny play... by Neil Simon. Man... have not been back to Hcjc or even bukit timah for so so long. Kind of miss the place... the chinese high cheap but boring food... going to sim for extended recess and coming back late for mr lim's gp class...

Oh today we also had a run at Marina South City Park for a 7km run. It was quite fun to run outside camp for a change. Yupz... we even got to play frisbee there after the run too! Though I think we were conned into thinking we ran 7km... it felt more like 10km to me.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

hey!! haven't been blogging for a looong time liao. me wanna tell you all that i'm still working in june. from monday to friday and i may be working in july too.. cos the school wants me back. hehe... so, yup yup. hope to see all of you soon.

Monday, May 24, 2004

i replied nana... sorry i replied so late, coz my brother wants me to watch harry potter with him and i spent the whole sat and sun trying to ask him whether he wanted to watch with us, but no... he refuses to watch with a bunch of girls, so cannot watch with you all... very sorry.

and as for chalet i think i should be free for most of june, but try not to have chalet on monday can? coz i quiting my job on 18 June and if i want to take leave, i cannot take leave on monday.

wow... found out haven blog for a long time already. lately got alot of mails to answer.. irritating uk people... and when i go home dont feel like going online already.

well... for all the teachers, enjoy your last few days at school :)

Sunday, May 23, 2004

sijia! wherefore art thou? so for now it's nana, lixin, jw, maria, yanlian, venus and me. i'll book tomorrow liao ah......
okie. nana, i replied ya msg k. i told you i may be watching with my family remember. then the chalet thingy, i dunno when i am free. cos i still waiting for nus ma. then... i reply you as soon as i can okie. oh yes. elsa will be in hong kong for 1 month so can't include her for anything that we plan in june. haiz

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Hello people! i'm trying to blog from my email! haha.. yeah. check under
settings, email, you should see this Mail-to-Blogger Address. well, here

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yoyoyoyoyo! hello jinyang, see you're still alive. heh.. where's dewen ah? having pins and NEEDLES issit? ha.ha. Anyway, my main topics are:

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Anyone game for it? please go check your phones to see if you've received a message from nana teo. We're booking tickets tomorrow, latest latest laTest Monday. We're planning to take 2nd June, Wednesday, evening show at GV Plaza (meaning Plaza Singapura or more affectionately known as PS) say 7.00? cos some of you end work only at 6 right? or if you guys can't rush down then we'll take 3rd June, Thursday, 8.30 pm? but it'll last till 10 plus lah... or issit eleven? Whatever. Just reply back your preferred date OK?

2. Class Chalet
Yup! we're gonna have a class chalet, if everything goes well... So please plan early, and tell me the dates that you're free? or rather, whether you're going for holiday, or camps or whatever. Please reply earlier so that we can plan can? otherwise i'll just hamtam a date and book. at most nana and i can have candlelight dinner loh. oops sam don't kill me!!! Aiyah i know lah. sam can come over and i shall go home and sleep on my nice comfy bed. Oops nana don't kill me!!! Okay enough crap. I'm not expecting venus to reply, but lixin eileen and sijia please say something k? Oh guys, we'll try to arrange week end yeah? It'll be at sentosa though...
whoa whoa whoa. jinyang you still surviving alright? take care yeah?
somehow nobody has replied my sms regarding 020604. anybody alive out there? reply me. oh wells. it's a saturday night. maybe they are all busy while im stuck at home cos some guy has started his ndp rehearsals. blearh. ack. eh the movie is approx 2hours 30 mins around there.. heard goblet of fire will be split into 2 separate movies.. yepsyeps. cant wait for harry potter. and i cant wait for school to end. i need some time to myself. or rather. to play before uni life begins. yawn. im bored today. entirely bored. i wanna watch the day after tmr. and harry potter. whine. im bored at home. sheesh.
Hey hows everybody? All the teachers are probably enjoying their last few days in school now =) Its different being a teacher rather than a student right? Well any idea how long the movie will be? Her books keep on getting thicker and thicker. Oh... you know what? My brother's classmates actually tease him that he looks like Harry Potter. I wonder why... I dont really see the resemblence at all.

Anyway I'm back from yet another field camp in sunny tekong. I dunno if its just me but the weather seemed rather hot the past few days. I had 2x navigation excerices plus endless section movement drills (where you and your section all walk in formation and conduct various drills when you make contact with your enemy). It got rather bad as quite a number of people fell out due to heat exhaustion. Yup anyway I got to fire blanks till i was sick of it. Everyday they issue us over a thousand rounds per section and expect us to finish them.

Accidents do happen very frequently during outfield excercises especially during long ones like field camps. Well... on the last day of field camp, I was walking over to pass some food to my friend when I suddenly fell into this deep drain. I fell hitting my leg and my rifle on my head. Thankfully I only escaped with cuts and bruises, and after being cleared by the medic they allowed me to continue on with the activites. I really didnt see the drain at all. It must have been like 2-2.5m deep so I guess I was really lucky. It was 6 the morning, the last day of field camp and I did not have my breakfast yet so I wasnt exactly very awake when I was walking around that day. Lesson learnt..... Dont walk around in the dark without your torchlight.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

hm. well. according to the channel 8 trailer, it opens 030604. and i think i vaguely remember seeing that date on movie posters as well. yeps.
really? i thought it was opening on 4th of June?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

hey anybody wanna watch harry potter on the day it opens? i presume we might have to book tix la. but anybody? it's opening on 030604. yeps.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

heyz.. finally i'm back blogging. ruoling, pls dun give up on my blogging. as i told you earlier next time i msg you when i blog k. how ay tour thingy. ya accomodation all done? me went shopping today at chinatown. sijia!!! i found the place. but must wait a while then can go because they shifting or something about their rental. but the clothes there super nice and cheap loh. you will be pleasantly surprise. lets meet again and go shopping k.. :P

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

hey where is elsa going anyway?
havent heard from her from such a super long time.
i feel as though im cut off from the whole class, aside from ruoling and xinxin.
hihi... so ruoling you can join elsa and me at nus :)

Sunday, May 09, 2004

yo yo.. me going ntu! confirm alr! I'm ready to start life afresh as a NTU undergrad! Haha, i sound like i'm a fanatic abt NTU though oops.. eileen, so where u heading to? SMU or NTU? don be upset abt NUS yet k.. they will send u a letter of offer towards end may, one of my friends also awaiting offer, she was told she wld be sent the letter then.. or u can always go online and find out the status of ur application..
heyos.. ain't heard anything from here for so long... hey eileen, did you just stop blogging totally? You've got to be fair to your readers know!! :) hey sijia, guess i'm going nus afterall.. (you'd probably read that from my blog already..) heh.. yup. i'm aching all over after basketball yesterday... should never attempt another session without stretching... *whine*

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

ah whine. it hit the XP systems. basically a window will pop up saying the system will shut down in blah blah blah seconds and it will do a countdown for the comp. then after, it restarts itself. yeah. and on the first day when it hit, my internet explorers couldnt load the pages even when i WAS connected to the internet.

broadband users, beware. cos constantly staying online allows the virus to attack very easily as your port is always open. and the anti virus software, is unable to clean up the virus cos the variants are coming out too fast. as far as i know, there are 5 types of Sasser worm lurking about now. the original one, and variants A, B, C and D.

check out the symantec website for more details.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

yo.. eh, what's the worm abt? me din kena.. thanks to Win ME system..

Monday, May 03, 2004

im back from the dooms of the bloody sasser worm. oh wow. yawn.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

yes they did sijia, at least 3 people before me! well, i guess they all were very late and so being the only one sitting outside they naturally called me in. anyway its over for now anyway, and there's nothing i can do that will affect their decision.

haha..... i wrote 5 pages for the law essay. i dont think the content matters, but actually how well you argue your points and express your logic and reason in what you say. i actually spent 20 mins planning the essay, and by then the people around me were already well into their 2nd or 3rd pages! anyway there was only one question, and not 2 as people were telling me. Met lots of ppl from HC and Rj there too, even some who were also interested in medicine and dentistry.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

yupyup... jinyang i'm sure you were fine. anyway your gp essays were always quite good what.
wow... but quite amazing your interview started one hour earlier. didn't they have anyone before you?
haha, i wish u luck then! I'm sure the lady wld accept it.. haha.. as lawyers, aren't they supposed to be open-minded? haha..
hello everyone :)

i dunno why i always seem to post my entries so early in the morning. shd have been asleep a long time ago if i was in camp.

anyway.... i nearly couldnt book out for my law interview today! my pc wasnt very willing to let me book out early today but i finally managed to persuade him to reconsider. i went at 1030 when my interview was supposed to be at 1130. so there i was, just having taken my seat outside the room when the interviewer suddenly popped out his head and asked me to enter for the interview. haha.... i was just shocked that he asked me to enter so soon. i nearly thought i could go down to the canteen to get a drink or something first

the interview was okay la.... interrogated by some lady who had a problem accepting my definition on the word "try"... the test was nearly the same as some gp essay question. so there i was trying to remember ms heng's lessons from a time so long ago in the cold cold exam room, writing something that shows some evidence of great thought.