Sunday, May 30, 2004

Hello everybody :)

Nope i didnt fall into anymore drains :P haha... feel kind of dumb man. Yup i heard my friend from a different wing also fell into another large drain. He wasnt so lucky unfortunately and hurt his tooth. If Im not wrong he fell in head first so it was really bad. I think his teeth were pushed into his gums or something. Hopefully its nothing serious, yup i saw him the other day and he looked ok. Lots of people geting OOC here in OCS... quite a hazardous place to be in. Dewen, Wilbur so how abt you guys? Any interesting stuff to share with us?

Anyway, I just came back from the HC Elddfs play - The odd couple. Its quite a funny play... by Neil Simon. Man... have not been back to Hcjc or even bukit timah for so so long. Kind of miss the place... the chinese high cheap but boring food... going to sim for extended recess and coming back late for mr lim's gp class...

Oh today we also had a run at Marina South City Park for a 7km run. It was quite fun to run outside camp for a change. Yupz... we even got to play frisbee there after the run too! Though I think we were conned into thinking we ran 7km... it felt more like 10km to me.


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