Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey guys =)

One more week before my flight. DW has left already though. It's been a very long extended holiday for me since March lol. Oh well... it's time for me to do dy/dx as well as intergration again. Bah... you know I actually have homework from them already? They happily sent me 5 pages of Math problems to do.

OMG... i have to wake up for morning classes again. Back to packing now =p

Monday, September 18, 2006

i always tried to meet up, but then u guys r the busy ones now hor..
told u all i very slack le..

can easily meet up for weekday dinners or weekend meals.. but u all always cannot make it hor..

sakura la!! want not???
ha ha i need to replenish my strength aft running the 5km Terry Fox Run..
and i'm gonna run at least 3 times this wk b4 i eat any buffets.. last wk was a gorging wk la!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

who me me me me me?
im here ruoling!! *waves frantically*

i've seen xinxin cuz we just caught forbidden city together just on the past tuesday.
and i've caught ruoling when we went simlim yaya? but that seems eons agoooooooo.
me wants sakura and see szeyi and lifang and yaya. *pouts*

if only i can throw away the rubbish amount of work i have piled on top of me.
i reckon you wont be able to see me because im buried under all this work, and other external project commitments, like organising an ISP which i prolly cant even go. :( how upsetting.

but i guess im enjoying sch life, for once :)
and im friggin cold from the school lib gsr's aircon. and today's weather is already cold enough. RAHHHS. :(
harlow everyone! been a long time since I checked in ever since i switched to Xanga. haha... Is jinyang already overseas?? wheres everyoneeeeeeeeeeeee. actually I'm talking rubbish lah. I just saw sijia not long ago outside lt6, zhangqing at dillys, lunch with eileen & yanlian, and i just saw yanlian yesterday near macs, and elsa at the bazaar... so it's a lie that I havn't seen people from 33... besides, i see haifeng and haitao and jiayi during lectures. song yao at the bus stop cos i think she stays at kr? hahahahahahahaha....


oh. nana teoweina's been missing for quite some time as well... as for dewen, wilbur and weichong, i reckon i'll see them average once ever 1.5 years... >.<