Monday, August 07, 2006

hallo! first post from yan lian!

have been busy with rag dance practice so only see ruoling nearly everyday cos she's a rag dancer too!! rag is an annual float and dance competition between halls and faculties in NUS and we're going to be fairies/dolls (not sure which though)

our hall has dancers as fairies/dolls, soldiers, giants and gnomes... i wanted to be a gnome after seeing their dance cos it's so cute. the gnomes wiggle their backsides and everything, cute hor? but xianhong was appalled at my wish cos he said, "of course be fairy lah! how would my frens react if i said my girlfren is a gnome?" dot dot dot

well, to better convey the mood of the fairy dance, we watch some ballet videos from youtube and there is one which i wish to share with. do be patient cos it takes some time to download. it is so beautiful! the dancer is so pretty, the song has an exotic foreign feel (german if i'm not wrong) and the choreography super!!! i think i'm in love!

isn't it gorgeous! ok ok, shall stop rhapsodising it... anyway, rag dance prac is rather fun despite the crazy timing. i got to learn lots of partner stunts (i'm the poor training kit), listen to funky songs and hear funny, lame but unfortunately humsup jokes.