Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hello dears :) dont think yanlian ended yet... i think she told me she is ending at around this few days... not quite sure. for all those with exams ... study hard :) jia you :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

neither have i!!!!! i'm one of the few pathetic souls left in hall to mop around. :(

everybody has ended exams.

i havent even started mine!
damnit. *laughs*
mine starts tmr, monday.
and ends on saturday. as i told jinyang alr i think. i did right?
someone kill me please. or abduct me. anything to stop me from taking my exams!!!

im a little mad because i am severely unprepared for my company law paper tmr.
ahhh screw it man.
anyone wanna take the paper for me? it doesnt make a difference if i take it.
and OH, its open book :)
such a tantalising thought, come visit the spanking new smu, and have a taste of taking an exam paper for someone else. once in a lifetime experience you know.

fine im blabbering rubbish.
yah yah! 2 star!! anyone else wants in? i have another friend who's interested too... and anyone else interested in windsurfing as well? :D:D:D all these will be in december larh, check out www.nuswindsurfing.com (for windsurfing) or www.nusodac.net (for kayaking)...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

haha... ok i managed to kick start this blog again. i've achieved my aim.

anyway ruoling are you talking about kayaking 2 star? haha... i've just passed my 1 star over the weekend... and i did it at macritchie reservoir =) fun stuff... plus its possible to drink the water when you capsize

hoo haa hoo haa.. de wen and wilbur... report in... where have the 2 of u been?

my understudy shd be coming in dec (crosses finger)then ill be able to throw all my work... emm hand over all my work to him
woot! and come to think of it, my only contact with ducks or bears are also with toys. :/ not with tortoises though... did anyone hear my story of the 20 cm diameter tortoise i found? wahahaha... anyway, bike trip i'm on! did the ODAC person call you yet xin? no more expedition le :( but we can go for 2 star... 78 bucks... and err... yah he says if we're interested he can try to slot us in somewhere. then again, if it's two star we can always go ourselves...

yes sijia darling, i know u finish exams liao... i think eileen also finish le. yanlian... i dunno. probably finish le bah.. hahaha cos i don't see her around these few days. *persevere till tuesday*

Thursday, November 24, 2005

hey pple i realised i haven't been blogging here for sooooo long

i'm having my last paper tmr!! finally..

hey who's up for a bike trip ard s'pore? I dunno if u guys r interested though.. planning to go two weeks from now..

interested pple, let me know yup? =)

btw jin yang, i'm so envious of u!! the only kangeroo i had contact with is a toy one..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

mr TAN! having the time of your life in NS eh? ;) glad u enjoyed yourself amidst the work.

i've been seeing yan lian a lot more these days since she stays two doors down. two doors sounds like tudor, one of the houses in game of life. wahahas. sijia pops by quite often too, and i still see eileen new yilin once in a while. i am NOT missing venus. hehe. still keeping in touch with xin and na too. probably explains why i havn't been writing in here quite often. oh! i even met dewen. haha... yeah. i was at city hall starbuck mugging for signals and he was meeting his girlfriend there. hehe.. finally saw the lady! hahas.

3 down, 3 to go. final countdown, 6 holi-to-days.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


No posts since 30 Oct? Guess you all must be quite busy with your exams. Anyway I'm back ;) after 1 month overseas. Its been such a long time... I've almost gotten used to the place there.

The month's stay has been exciting... lots of work... but also quite some free time to sit back and relax... learn to read the stars... run with the kangeroos... watch possiums enter your tent to steal food... drink cold beer with your buddies... travel around on all the dirt roads and turn into a sand man... hide from a hail storm... hide from a thunderstorm... travel in the armour vehicle... watch the sun rise in the middle of an airfield...

Guess it wasnt as bad as i thought after all

Anyway... all the best to all those having exams...
Just for your information ill be at home enjoying my off for the rest of the month ;)