Wednesday, March 31, 2004

i think dewen has been mlitarized. hahaha.. he speaks in short sentences, like shouting command. oops. how come you still cannot jump?! i tot running around develops leg muscles which would help in sbj?! but that minimal lah. oh well. we're planning an outing on the 8th.. Can the guys go get the 36 guys? or can eileen do it? :) hehehe.. lets meet at orch mrt at 6.30 pm on the 8th k? i said half a nana cos nana says she might be late mah.. then i tot she would only make it for half the gathering, so half a nana. :)

jinyang: sorry.. no time for dancing lessons.. come to think of it, i've been considering since sec 4, but never got down to joining one. :(
oh my goodness... aiyo..
dewen, what the peep are u doing? then hor, still haf to go through BMT once more?
dewen you failed IPPT again?!?!?!?!?! you ah. what can i say?
suddenly the class blog is so vibrant. finally. grin.

jinyang, now i got no time to go learn dance.. unless you guys can figure out a nice time over the weekend though i suspect i need that time to come up with worksheets mark scripts and learn my jap as well.. my intermediate class jap is on sunday from 10-12.30.. and i dont have time to do homework!!! oops.

yesh but i think i have time for shopping. when dearies?
and yeah, 8th time and place not settled yet right? tiang sijia you're coming k? grin.
just note that i'll be at NCSS ghim moh having my meeting ( i think.. ) and i can get to town quite easily from there.. when i say town i mean orch..

eh people, check out ms singapore universe contestant no 20. huiru says that bridgette leong is (in actual fact) our junior leong wenyi (not wendy). yes the one whom the class dont really like and she keeps to herself and yes, i admit, (i'm not trying to be mean here) the nerdy one. go see and tell me if you think it's her la. it is just damn unbelievable.
oh oh... just wondering

anybody interested in going for dance classes? jazz, hip hop or salsa?

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

erm. what time is it on the 8th ah?
*huh?* half a nana? blur.
is anyone not free on the 8th? other than half a nana?
i think it's more like a motivational song to them. *grin*

Sunday, March 28, 2004

yes our song i/c does lead us with that song everytime we book out. well that's for my platoon at least. hmm... im not too sure if dewen went either from his comment in the tagboard. haha... wonder who she did saw that day at the concert

you have up till next sunday i guess haha... im not too sure if there's a confinement period for ocs/sispec, and wilbur and the others will have confinements in tekong up till the 16th at the very least.

oh yes... i just remember your email. weichong has returned home to penang.
yeah me and sijia saw it when we went for mok's comissioning march.. very nice campus meh? okay la. grin. afterall i wont be the one going there. grin. yeah it's the band concert. hm. roo said she saw the director. unless she was talking about dewen cos i thought of you immediately. hahaha.

the key question now is, when can we meet up before the guys get locked up again? grin.

dont tell me you guys seriously sing that every weekend? grin.
capriccio? whats that? is it the band concert? hmm... ya i did meet up with wc and wilbur once a couple of weeks b4 but not for some concert.

hmm... have you seen ocs? its a beautiful place, it has a much nicer campus than even nus, ntu, sispec, bmtc, hcjc, and is comparable to some of the overseas unis! i really wont mind studying in such a place. its a pity that if i do get there i wont really be enjoying the scenic view that much cos we will be training most of the time.

sigh.... only 8 more days before i have to put on my no.4 and boots again. sigh...
hmmm... i realised that i have not really shared most of my bmt stories with all of you... yup and plus i got some photos too! ok... ill try to recall the better ones then ill tell you all when we meet up again.

actually my post on the 26th "...No more SOC. No more IPPT. No more sergeant takan me..." comes from part of a song we all sing when we book out on friday nights or saturday mornings.
yupz... something that we all sing from the top of our lungs especially when we near the ferry terminal on the way out. :)
just thought ill let you know

Saturday, March 27, 2004

why nothing compared to ocs? hey you guys went to capriccio is it? i'm refering to the guys here. my mei called me to ask if i was going for capriccio and she said she saw three of my exclassmates. all guys. very suspicious. hahaha.
posting results out on friday. haha... if im lucky they will send me to the police or even the fire dept.

soc= some crazy obstacle course guys have to navigate through, climbing over walls, up ropes, jumping from heights and at the same time running 1.6km with our sbo (standard battle order), inclusive of helmet, rifle and webbing. girls only need to run with a helmet on!

Ippt= nafa - sit and reach

sispec= the other school in tekong, nice campus too, but nothing compared to ocs!

Friday, March 26, 2004

SOC = standard obstacle course
IPPT = napfa in the army terms
sispec = School of Infantry SPECialists (that's where they train all the sergeants "P)
haha, gd for u guys man! let us know where u pple will be posted to yah?
nana, check the post on mon or tues.. got surprise for yer!
well, 9 days later. you'll know where you would be posted to. grin. inform us then where you're posted to la.. hoping to go where? ocs? sispec? or just a unit that can let you slack? grin.
Hey ppl I'm back!

No more SOC. No more IPPT. No more sergeant takan me. No more BMT. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2004

haha.. as usual.. nana is bz.. sorry eh, sijia! I wun be able to meet ya tmr.. cuz i haf to set paper... haiz........ i haf to set 3 freaking papers........
so we changed to the friday in 2wks time? can? or we postpone it temp... can? sorry ah...
ah wait? you guys were talking about immediate plans like this coming ah? i cant make it this friday (which is tmr) and next friday. cos this fri i cant go out cos need to set my geo paper plus sat morning got eng orals. cant afford to fall asleep while listening to the students la. and er next fri i'm booked. yeah. so which friday are you guys talking about exactly?
eh.. then we meet at 7pm instead at raffles place mrt? anyone can make it? for now, sijia n me can make it rite? who else ah?

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

hmmm... friday ah? oso can.. so now settle? we meet at 6:30pm at raffles place mrt? then walk to boat quay tht place to eat?

Monday, March 22, 2004

make it a friday evening outing please.. i have remedials every thursday.. unless you want me to die during class on friday and fall asleep while shopping on thursday evening, go ahead.. grin.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

hmm.. i'm ok with either.. nana, wat abt u?

Friday, March 19, 2004

haha.. i wan the porridge too! ok i wun be free tis mon.. i shld be free on tues evenings, wed, thur and fri evenings..
so anyone able to make it for the dinner?
whee. let's all go there. i wanna see. and xin, when you wanna go je? for the pirated cd shop and dinner? i wanna eat poridge.. hahaha..


Thursday, March 18, 2004

haha.. free as in u r free tht evening on a wkday?
cuz wkends sure a lot of pple mah.. wkday will have hopefully less human traffic..
oh i tell u all huh.. there's a new shop at queensway tht sells thai-made clothes.. it's very nice!! a bit bohemian style.. no two pieces of blouses or skirts or pants are the same! the pattern is quite pretty too! haha.. i sound different rite? but the clothes there r nice.. i think sijia, nana and venus will like them.. wanna go there? i bought myself a skirt from there.. costs $30 tho.. but the design is worth the $..

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

xin, you serious? if not chem eng then what?
just take the profiling thing as a reference kay? hm. let's try next monday.. that is if i get to do relief teaching. whine.

i really feel like whining now.

whine. whine. whine.
eh.. nana.. when u wan to go dn to the pirated cd shop, muz let me know yah?
eh btw, who's free?? we go eat the seafood at the place i rec? it's really gd..
hello.. so u pple applied to uni alr? i'm still waiting.. haha.. dunno what i'm waiting for oso.. did u all know there's something known as the career profiling tool offered at NTU? haf to pay $52.20 for the report.. they analyse ur interests n so on.. i'm going for it.. cuz i'm not sure if i really want to do chem eng. after all..

Monday, March 15, 2004

smu was great. eileen was half convinced she wanted to come here. wonder if she is still half convinced..
sijia... you went to hc today? me too! only i went much later... :/ should have gotten a ride from you.. hee.. (assuming you got a ride)

Sunday, March 14, 2004

*yawn* it's a lazy sleepy sunday today... right now venus eileen and sijia are at sijia's house talking about university application. and i reckon nana's at home as sleepy as i am... no idea where everyone else is. jinyang and dewen going back to camp? *shrug*

to "M": it may be important to you to voice out your displeasure with what was written, but the way you said it was a perfect case of the pot calling the kettle black...

Thursday, March 11, 2004

FINALLY!!! weichong is blogging!!! harlowz weichong! =)

anyway. hey "M", if you cant take our crap, dont read. it's a free world online and everybody is free to say whatever they want. this is what a blog meant for, for us to vent our fustrations and state whatever shit we dont like. if people can mock verbally, why not do it online? it's almost like reading one's personal online blog and take offence at whatever he/she put up. it's not fair for you to state what you dont like and dont wanna see. these are my fingers and im free to type whatever i like. so there.

same to whoever reads my blog. if YOU take offence, too bad. i got the freaking right to vent out my anger and fustrations and who the hell cares what you think. if i give a damn to every single opinion being voiced out, i might as well not live.

and oh 'M', feel free to MOCK our class on your own blog. seriously. do it before your class is separated. or when people leave. you dont know how MUCH our class went through. but i know what you're thinking now. who bloody cares what YOUR class went through. right? "P

not that im in a foul mood now. i just simply hate it when people try to control what i type. or say. or post. whatever. too bad. or when people take offence. go ahead and bitch behind my back. i dont quite give a damn.

seriously. go ahead in bitch in YOUR class blog. go. GO. why are you waiting?
yoohoo! where's the noise here? no noise. aye.



: [

Monday, March 08, 2004

Saturday, March 06, 2004

haha.. glad u all enjoyed yourselves yesterday.. wan go clarke quay to eat? I think it's boat quay.. not very sure.. it's this shop selling cooked seafood in set meals.. $4 only and free flow of rice.. tht wld be gd news for the guys, i presume?
Haha.. the chili is gd!! i was spewing fire when i ate the bbq stingray..

Friday, March 05, 2004

me legs are tired and i feel satisfied from eating "the dark side" at big O.. and the food smelt delicious.. let's go there and eat someday.. but the servings seem huge... ruoling! share food.. hee..

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

hello sijia!! *wave*

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

yoyoyoyoyo... nana's been using black these days... must be the boredom. :) hey guys, look out for erin brockovich this sunday, 7.00 pm. she's so witty. not my idol actually, but i just like her wit. :)

i emailed zhangqing a couple of times, but she didn't reply.. :( she only emailed me once but that was like so long ago. i miss zhang qing and gribbit.. :( are the PRCs coming back to collect results? or just get people to take on their behalf? it's an air ticket afterall... but if i could afford it i would want to do it. it's like my hard work and sweat so even if it's scrap it's my scrap, so i'll want to take it myself....

i miss the class bench.. i miss the toilet. really... i like the way the toilet was so convenient, and how we could hear pple screaming at the class bench when we're in the toilet... I miss changing into PE attire and hopping down to PE, eager to play volleyball... I miss break. I miss bridge sessions, I miss the times when we tried to pon chinese enrichment classes but we ALWAYS ended up in there. i miss SCHOOL... :( i miss playing with the toys, i miss xiaohei, i miss the doingsandboingsandtripledoingsandtripleboings we would scribble on our worksheets... I miss copying notes (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???).. yeah.. I miss lectures... I miss training, i miss the satisfaction of completing 5 sets of 1-arm snatch with venus.. I miss the loud whamming of the bar against the bench when we do bench pull... I miss studying in the library with nana, discussing buble and jazz... I miss studying at KAP with Jingwen... I miss school days...

*quack* i miss company. i'm bored... *quack* *splat*

Monday, March 01, 2004

hey people. i hope you guys like the new layout.. been fooling around with the html for quite some time. and i have absolutely no idea why i'm fooling around with layouts these few days.


i realise we blog alot more when we were having our Alevels. maybe because dewen and jinyang were crapping alot more here as well. and the number of posts decrease by the month as it goes by.. it would be nice to see everybody in class blogging and keeping in touch here but seems like the PRCs aint quite interested in joining them.. anybody heard from any of them in china? i havent heard from any of them.. wonder if zhang qing is back in singapore now.. i know weichong is back. wanted to catch hold of him on drama feste night but surprisingly he disappeared *poof* into thin air.. yeah. and with yanlian sijia and eileen having cookie problems, looks like only 4 of us will be here posting messages..


as we get our results this week, i sure hope everybody will get the results they want (me included) and hopefully everybody will be happy enough to go out together for dinner on that day since it's rare that everybody will most likely be free and together as a class right? yeah. i hope i'll be happy that day. i hope.

till then, enjoy our last days and see ya guys around at the 7C class bench on the d-day.. oh and yes, did you guys hear that there's a 04s7c and they're taking our place at the class bench now? roo told me. *grin*

monstar waves *hi* *cookie*
xiaoliang says *wherefore art thou xiaohei*
the wibbits say *wibbit*

lurve, nana.
i've been checking the MOE website and no news is out. yet. so no announcement means results not on wed, leaving thurs and fri. my guess would be fri then. hey jinyang!