Saturday, January 31, 2004

i think so.. gotta check with them..

Monday, January 26, 2004

how come blogger don't let them sign in? is it the cookie problem?

Friday, January 23, 2004

eileen yanlian and sijia all complained that blogger refuse to let them sign in..
eh i'll be out since morning so anytime will do..
somebody bring MAHJONG!!
i played mahjong with my cousins today!!!!!!!! finally touched the tiles after the time ruoling jingwen venus came over to my house to play.. hahaha...

Thursday, January 22, 2004

oh no.. so sad for venus.. why don't she visit the lib then?
happy new year! what time are we going sijia's place?
so quiet here.. sigh.. of course it'll be quiet lah.. there's like only three of us blogging.. eileen should have joined liao leh.. where is she? *lookout* and venus can't seem to use the com cos her bro is studying for O's..
Happy New Year to all!~

Friday, January 16, 2004

*me* *me* *me* *cookie?* nobody invited you along, goon.
i gotta work in the morning as well too..

Thursday, January 15, 2004

me free for cny eve lunch! morning might hafta go schooll.. no idea. shall go pakat with the other relief teachers.. *hiack hiack*
actually. i meant cny eve lunch. oops. hee.
hey jinyang, like what i told you, you're going to be the messiar of our motherland so.. feel honoured! *laughs*
hey ppl :)
guess you wont be hearing from me for sometime. hope to see you all soon ya. do msg me if you are bored cos i know i will be.
i know i know... dont be hero and dont fall into the drain. wah... thats what so many people have been telling me.
anyway take care too!
eh, i'm free on the 2nd day of cny.. as in the afternoon la.. cuz morning going to my maternal grandparents home.. oops.. dunno what to wear.. probably wear my work clothes!!!! Xian.. I can finally wear berms out today!! Yay!! Cuz i'm going out to catch movie with my friends.. pple from my batch, 3 of us teaching at our former sec sch.. haha! Oh man.. i look very old when i'm in work attire.. my students couldn't recognise me when i wore t-shirt and berms to sch on a sat.. Eh, my sch teachers super funny.. they are going to have floorball match tmr.. haha.. part of staff welfare.. shld i play too?? haha...
cny lunch anybody?

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

boo! hello... hey is sijia and eileen and elsa and yanlian in already? hey i just thought of another acronym! YSEE? hahah.. oops. doesn't really make sense.. anyway. bye jinyang! *wave* take care.. we won't be sending you off, but we'll try to make gatherings on saturdays... :)

Images from Venus's 'Birthday' Dinner

Saturday, January 10, 2004

oh my goodness.... i'm freaking glad tht none of my juniors are in the same class as the twin towers.. I do apologise if i had offended anybody who came from the same sch as them.
But to have this kind of pple coming from a top sch is highly unthinkable.. but maybe they are not tht bad? trying to act cool or cute or attracting attention through the wrong channels?
They had better not try to outsmart me if i go back..... shall make them regret. *evil smile*
campfire was screwed. i.e. seriously screwed. the fire was damn pathetic. but maybe we should keep our comments to ourselves in future if anything goes wrong. huiru commented the seniors etc spoiled the whole campfire for them by condemning every single thing. oops. ms teo said they dint even show the orientation video. and the twin towers are seriously, seriously scary. *grin* im ashamed of the fact that they're from rg. goodness.

Haha is it just me or is the lady in the background of the bottom photo not very pleased because we didnt ask her to join in our photo?

Campfire was boring! And what happened to the fire! I waited till like 9 before the councillors attemped to light the fire.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Images from Class Dinner...

hey... i only haf one sec 2 class k..
eh, when u all go back for campfire, can u all take pictures of grand juniors and our juniors? Den can see if they grew older! haha.. I bet tht lousy zhan xing muz haf aged!
so as long as you dont make explosions in class and kill half your sec 2 classes i guess there's nothing wrong with your teacher being evil. *grin*
haha... go ask mr rudy lee. good idea right?

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

i'm going to sci ctr soon... my chem teacher's very evil!! She's making me go find out new stuff for chem projects.. sick..
but university of sydney union performed well as well, to my personal point, if not better. especially the last speaker of the opposition team.

great ideas for chemistry projects? just take a piece of xinxin and do QA experiments with the pieces of xinxin available..

Monday, January 05, 2004

hmm.. i can only wish tht there might be a repeat on channel i..
missed the debates.. too slack already.. btw, does anyone has any great ideas for chemistry projects? I'm supposed to source for some for my sch, but i'm a bit brain dead..

Sunday, January 04, 2004

I concur. Haha.. but i must concede that middle temple had the advantage because both speakers performed very well, unlike the others.
heyhey! middle temple won (i.e. propo concluding team won) .. it's in the papers today.. one small section in the main papers.. but i wanted university of sydney union to win.. haha.. they were good leh..
Haha.. debates was interesting. Its too bad i still dun know who won.
I hope the opposition won.

Friday, January 02, 2004

i haven't collected my paY!! oops.. can we go dinner on the 3rd of the next mth instead?? =)
Hey ppl... anybody free to go out for dinner tmr?

Thursday, January 01, 2004

me. *raises hand* working as admin assistant at hillgrove sec in bukitbatok..
working hours: mon - fri (9am to 5.30pm), sat (8.30am - 1pm) so if anybody wanna look for me to go out, you know when to look for me.. oh im not free on tuesday nights cos im attending jap lessons.. yeah. please remember me during this period, i still need a life other than working yeah? *yawn* i think i would like my job.. i guess..

oh! anybody wanna catch mona lisa smile? btw, i only start work next monday..
Let's go back for ORIENTATION CAMPFIRE shall we?
yo.. who got jobs for the year already?
me teaching at my sec sch, teaching science.. I'm mugging.. haiz..