Thursday, September 04, 2008

i noticed! albeit a good 4 months later. =X

everytime i think about how long it has been since that first day we stepped into HC, I feel ancient. 6 years seem like a very long time, for 23 year olds. But maybe not, it's only 25%. But as you grow older, the number of years since we left hwa chong over the number of years we are will get bigger. And that, is probably the reason for feeling ancient.

happy maf to everyone... :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

*takes a wet cloth and cleans of the layer of dust*


*wonders if anybody notices*

*goes back to the world of heat transfer, separation process and reaction engineering*

Saturday, May 12, 2007

*brushes the dust and cobwebs off*

anyone still checking here? hurhur.

Monday, October 02, 2006

oh my oh my... the guys have all left! so it's going to be a girly maf this year hahaha =) anywayyys! saturday's maf, 7th oct! meeting 6 at yong chye... call lixin kk? *muahahhaha*

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey guys =)

One more week before my flight. DW has left already though. It's been a very long extended holiday for me since March lol. Oh well... it's time for me to do dy/dx as well as intergration again. Bah... you know I actually have homework from them already? They happily sent me 5 pages of Math problems to do.

OMG... i have to wake up for morning classes again. Back to packing now =p

Monday, September 18, 2006

i always tried to meet up, but then u guys r the busy ones now hor..
told u all i very slack le..

can easily meet up for weekday dinners or weekend meals.. but u all always cannot make it hor..

sakura la!! want not???
ha ha i need to replenish my strength aft running the 5km Terry Fox Run..
and i'm gonna run at least 3 times this wk b4 i eat any buffets.. last wk was a gorging wk la!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

who me me me me me?
im here ruoling!! *waves frantically*

i've seen xinxin cuz we just caught forbidden city together just on the past tuesday.
and i've caught ruoling when we went simlim yaya? but that seems eons agoooooooo.
me wants sakura and see szeyi and lifang and yaya. *pouts*

if only i can throw away the rubbish amount of work i have piled on top of me.
i reckon you wont be able to see me because im buried under all this work, and other external project commitments, like organising an ISP which i prolly cant even go. :( how upsetting.

but i guess im enjoying sch life, for once :)
and im friggin cold from the school lib gsr's aircon. and today's weather is already cold enough. RAHHHS. :(
harlow everyone! been a long time since I checked in ever since i switched to Xanga. haha... Is jinyang already overseas?? wheres everyoneeeeeeeeeeeee. actually I'm talking rubbish lah. I just saw sijia not long ago outside lt6, zhangqing at dillys, lunch with eileen & yanlian, and i just saw yanlian yesterday near macs, and elsa at the bazaar... so it's a lie that I havn't seen people from 33... besides, i see haifeng and haitao and jiayi during lectures. song yao at the bus stop cos i think she stays at kr? hahahahahahahaha....


oh. nana teoweina's been missing for quite some time as well... as for dewen, wilbur and weichong, i reckon i'll see them average once ever 1.5 years... >.<

Monday, August 07, 2006

hallo! first post from yan lian!

have been busy with rag dance practice so only see ruoling nearly everyday cos she's a rag dancer too!! rag is an annual float and dance competition between halls and faculties in NUS and we're going to be fairies/dolls (not sure which though)

our hall has dancers as fairies/dolls, soldiers, giants and gnomes... i wanted to be a gnome after seeing their dance cos it's so cute. the gnomes wiggle their backsides and everything, cute hor? but xianhong was appalled at my wish cos he said, "of course be fairy lah! how would my frens react if i said my girlfren is a gnome?" dot dot dot

well, to better convey the mood of the fairy dance, we watch some ballet videos from youtube and there is one which i wish to share with. do be patient cos it takes some time to download. it is so beautiful! the dancer is so pretty, the song has an exotic foreign feel (german if i'm not wrong) and the choreography super!!! i think i'm in love!

isn't it gorgeous! ok ok, shall stop rhapsodising it... anyway, rag dance prac is rather fun despite the crazy timing. i got to learn lots of partner stunts (i'm the poor training kit), listen to funky songs and hear funny, lame but unfortunately humsup jokes.

Monday, May 15, 2006

anything sounds good... but i'm working from monday to friday, 8.30 to 6. :| so stayovers are more or less out le...

Friday, May 12, 2006

New Paper Big Walk 21 May

Anybody interested? Its on sunday morning, 10km WALK and $4
Registraion closes this sunday. For those who feel guilty about not exercising =)
some posts at last =)
Venus Lee! so how's your holidays in europe? Wilbur Tjioe!!! ORD already or not?

Ok... i volunteer to organise a bridge marathon... if you all give me your available dates ill try to work something out to everybodys schedule (if its possible)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

oops. too long never read class blog already. Bleah. Just got scolded by jinyang abt that. okie! when are u all free? i can only make it during the weekend leh. how how. pls contribute! thanks
haven't been posting here for sometime
pardon me
dewen!! u r right abt can 4!! which chicken did u eat? mango chicken? or the black pepper chicken? Or the gong bao chicken? so many types i oso can't rem

anyway abt bridge, i miss playing it too haha NTU classmates always wanna play but will end up laughing and then become heart attack game.. heh not complaining though cuz it's always a superb ice-breaker

so i assume tht some of us got jobs? well, come on, pple, we gotta MAKE PLANS!! I mean, mb some of u all have tight schedules, cannot do impromptu planning, but once we set the date n time, then don't push away alr lo.. unless it's family gathering i guess.. i mean tht's for me la, unless got family stuff, if not whoever i plan with first, will not be displaced.. eh it's just like some maths rules mah.. displacement of vectors? or was it physics? hmmm some displacement rule thingy.. i think it could be wien's displacement rule.. ah well whatever

cool the tensions ya? I mean i dua-ed pple sometimes oso, desperately need chance to make up for it.. been doing my best to make up for it.. =) at the end of the day, it's how much and how far u wld go for ur friendships tht matters.. truly

but again, this is xinxin's philosophy, not meant to influence but meant to open a new perspective..

getting dua-ed is a very annoying thing
1. u feel unimportant
2. u start feeling small
3. u begin to develop anger
4. u cannot grasp why u kena dua-ed (esp if it's not the first time)
5. ur heart beats faster, blood flows faster
6. u need a vent to release ur screams
7. when there's no vent, u store them within
8. Once the opportunity arises, u launch a missile of anger towards the person who dua-ed u

moral: don't dua-ed pple.. make sure pple know ur priorities.. and if it's a long-planned outing aft not meeting each other so long, then this outing is super impt!
=) just some dollars' worth of sense

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

eileen and sijia can organise the bridge outing.
venue time day confirmed le then tell me and ruoling.
no backing out last minute please.
we're both tired of that.