Saturday, November 01, 2003

yoyoyoyoyo! how's everyone? how was SAT ah? my SAT I finished with an overall improvement but still not up to target... should i take again? :( my friend claims that nus only looks at the first two digits... *shrug*

hey dewen, you'd better go running everyday, tho i'm not sure if even that will help... you can't leave running to determination if you're not a born runner... but you never know!! haha.. just place this big placard that says PROM!! or CHALET!! in front of you... maybe that'll work...

the quest for completing the tys seems impossible. i feel like frodo now... carrying this invisible weight... thats just getting heavier as we get closer to mount doom... :[ then when next week comes.... it'll be the final showdown. the ending of the trilogy. BUT! before that, we'll have to battle evil agent smith aka hugo weaving aka Elrond the elf. YEP! MATRIX!!! YEAH! IN THE COMPLETE ROW REDUCED ECHELON FORM!! oops. i think i'm going mad...

btw, nana's blue creature aka monstar says *cookie* to everyone.. i reckon he means *hi*... :/


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