Sunday, June 27, 2004

hello everyone! yes yes i'm going for multiple camps.. thats why my blog has been stagnant for quite a while.. not to worry! i'll be back in a while.. as they always say, absence makes the heart grow fonder... hahahahahha.. whoops. :) just a note, for the next four days, i'll be living in the wilderness.. that means no charging of phones... so i'll prob switch it off during the day.. so if you need to get me just leave a voice mail i'll get back to you at night k? meanwhile.. you guys take care yeap? ntu just sent lots of camping stuff so i reckon xin xin and venus would be busy too.. and nana.. july's coming too! so you'll be busy too!! so lets all go out there, play a while more, before we meet up again to exchange stories about wierdos and chao ah guas.. (grins at eileen) and nana..i miss going to buttercup already... :(


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