Wednesday, February 11, 2004

me me me me me! hahaha.. finally i see venus here! *grin* harlow guigui! haha.. working life sux. seriously sux. i bet the 3 of you know what im talking about. if not, go read. *grin* eileen sijia yanlian can check the class blog to see all these.. hey tell them how you solved the cookie problem leh.. so that they can join in the conversation..when you guys want what outing at where? somebody plan, but please dont throw the job to me.. i can never get it successful.. tan lixin. you know i havent seen you for how long liaoz ah? venus also.. what you want to do tmr evening? msg me yeah? i'll see venus ruoling eileen jinyang on saturday! and i will ignore tanlixin.. hahahaha.. kidding la. hee.


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