Friday, September 15, 2006

who me me me me me?
im here ruoling!! *waves frantically*

i've seen xinxin cuz we just caught forbidden city together just on the past tuesday.
and i've caught ruoling when we went simlim yaya? but that seems eons agoooooooo.
me wants sakura and see szeyi and lifang and yaya. *pouts*

if only i can throw away the rubbish amount of work i have piled on top of me.
i reckon you wont be able to see me because im buried under all this work, and other external project commitments, like organising an ISP which i prolly cant even go. :( how upsetting.

but i guess im enjoying sch life, for once :)
and im friggin cold from the school lib gsr's aircon. and today's weather is already cold enough. RAHHHS. :(


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