Thursday, May 11, 2006

haven't been posting here for sometime
pardon me
dewen!! u r right abt can 4!! which chicken did u eat? mango chicken? or the black pepper chicken? Or the gong bao chicken? so many types i oso can't rem

anyway abt bridge, i miss playing it too haha NTU classmates always wanna play but will end up laughing and then become heart attack game.. heh not complaining though cuz it's always a superb ice-breaker

so i assume tht some of us got jobs? well, come on, pple, we gotta MAKE PLANS!! I mean, mb some of u all have tight schedules, cannot do impromptu planning, but once we set the date n time, then don't push away alr lo.. unless it's family gathering i guess.. i mean tht's for me la, unless got family stuff, if not whoever i plan with first, will not be displaced.. eh it's just like some maths rules mah.. displacement of vectors? or was it physics? hmmm some displacement rule thingy.. i think it could be wien's displacement rule.. ah well whatever

cool the tensions ya? I mean i dua-ed pple sometimes oso, desperately need chance to make up for it.. been doing my best to make up for it.. =) at the end of the day, it's how much and how far u wld go for ur friendships tht matters.. truly

but again, this is xinxin's philosophy, not meant to influence but meant to open a new perspective..

getting dua-ed is a very annoying thing
1. u feel unimportant
2. u start feeling small
3. u begin to develop anger
4. u cannot grasp why u kena dua-ed (esp if it's not the first time)
5. ur heart beats faster, blood flows faster
6. u need a vent to release ur screams
7. when there's no vent, u store them within
8. Once the opportunity arises, u launch a missile of anger towards the person who dua-ed u

moral: don't dua-ed pple.. make sure pple know ur priorities.. and if it's a long-planned outing aft not meeting each other so long, then this outing is super impt!
=) just some dollars' worth of sense


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