Saturday, November 26, 2005

woot! and come to think of it, my only contact with ducks or bears are also with toys. :/ not with tortoises though... did anyone hear my story of the 20 cm diameter tortoise i found? wahahaha... anyway, bike trip i'm on! did the ODAC person call you yet xin? no more expedition le :( but we can go for 2 star... 78 bucks... and err... yah he says if we're interested he can try to slot us in somewhere. then again, if it's two star we can always go ourselves...

yes sijia darling, i know u finish exams liao... i think eileen also finish le. yanlian... i dunno. probably finish le bah.. hahaha cos i don't see her around these few days. *persevere till tuesday*


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