Sunday, November 20, 2005


No posts since 30 Oct? Guess you all must be quite busy with your exams. Anyway I'm back ;) after 1 month overseas. Its been such a long time... I've almost gotten used to the place there.

The month's stay has been exciting... lots of work... but also quite some free time to sit back and relax... learn to read the stars... run with the kangeroos... watch possiums enter your tent to steal food... drink cold beer with your buddies... travel around on all the dirt roads and turn into a sand man... hide from a hail storm... hide from a thunderstorm... travel in the armour vehicle... watch the sun rise in the middle of an airfield...

Guess it wasnt as bad as i thought after all

Anyway... all the best to all those having exams...
Just for your information ill be at home enjoying my off for the rest of the month ;)


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