Saturday, May 28, 2005

hey peeps! =) i'm still here... life's been not too bad, just got back from hols. or rather, got back for five days already. :) can check out the photos at if you havn't already done so. trying to keep myself busy these days with orientation stuff, with gatherings, hopefully with a part time job. you guys want to meet up anytime?

*suddenly got deja vu feeling* hahah.. i remember some time last year, i was sitting at this exact same spot in the exact same way typing into the class blog and my parents were in the living room as well. you guys wanna come over to my house to bbq? eek. the sound of bbq is not very appealing to me... but if there are people who can cook i dont' mind. :) (i volunteered jinyang and xin xin to start fire already. :D ) and if there are people who would go shopping together for food i don't mind. :) best of all, if there are people who would help clear up i'll oblige anytime. :D:D:D why don't you guys pick a day, maybe further away date, and then it'll give pple more time to react. though that doesn't always work, it's better than last minute. :? *shrug* hem hem. how about somewhere near mid june? mid way between nana and eileen's birthday? :D (nana! did u realised that eileen's incomplete birthday present is STILL with me?!??! oops. :[ )


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