Thursday, December 09, 2004

yer know what?
actually i think alot of us are still trapped in the JC period

I am

cos army is not really something u move on into..
(btw i'm in the AIRFORCE, and not the ARMY.. jus to make sure ha!)

i dun cheong.. dun like libraries either
but hey let's all go chill like at like urm lido or somethin'
just pick a date lo..
and hey i'm listening

i dun mind like mahjong though so
now everybody holidays right
only must check where jin yang is..
(are u still like in brunei fighting off commando mosquitoes?)
Yap. i bet wilbur is free.
and weichong is somewhere in malaysia deep in love. (right dude? whoa haven't seen yer in a long time, how've yer been?)

So here's from me.
The Sloth.


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