Thursday, December 09, 2004

well look at it this way.
things are going relatively easier for you guys because you all have at least someone in the same school with you there. no matter how big the school is.
i believe in face to face conversations too.
been trying to initiate.
but everybody is so busy with their uni lives.
so busy with the present.
no one seems to be holding on to the past as tightly as i am.
because you have someone there right now with you to remind and talk about the past.
unlike me.
harping on the past is no use, yes i agree.
but i have no present to hold on to too.
so is it that wrong for me to harp on the past and hope in the slightest wishes that somebody would be willing to accompany me down this road of memories, or would you rather leave someone behind and move on to the future.

its easy for all of you to say "to move on".
yet you dont understand the difficulty of adapting to a whole new environment.
to adapt to a whole new culture.
where people are people whom we dont want to associate with.
people at smu here. they cheong. they pub.
they dont visit the library. they think going to the movies is boring.
im sorry but i DONT cheong, neither do i PUB.
i love the library, i love the movies.
but there's always no one there.
because everybody is always so busy.

maybe its just me.
im not blowing my top here now.
im justifying myself for how i feel, what i feel.
i dont ask for much actually, a lunch. a dinner. even tea.
short quality time together beats long hours with nothing said nothing done.

is anyone listening at all.
i really dont know.


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