Thursday, December 09, 2004

i strongly believe in face to face conversations, cuz we seem to be having conflicts online every now and then..
funnily enough, it seems that no one is bothered with this.. like i'm blowing my temper here and well, to no audience.

Life's a long winding path, conflicts r part and parcel of it, if we can't even handle small conflicts, then how r we gonna shoulder the heavier ones that come along in future?

We seem to be drifting away from each other, perhaps because of different courses, different schedules and of course different lifestyles.

Why can't we simply haf a mass cookout session? Just heading to someone's hse to bake cookies.. why not? I still rem that very day when i made yan dao kia cookies.. and in contrast to yuan's PRC cookies.. I do apologise to my PRC classmates for that joke, but it was a heartwarming session..

Mahjong can only accommodate 4 pple.. haf more tables? Or why don't we just engage in conversations over a cup of tea? Need we go flashy cafes? No need.. If you don't mind my humble abode, which is really small and the cries of my niece, i really welcome u guys anytime along.

No matter how bz i seem, friends r never far away from my mind.

I chose Hwa Chong instead of NJ for a simple reason. I expected pple in HC to be more outgoing and i no longer haf to organise outings. I want to take a backseat sometimes. I don't want to be the driver always.

Was i wrong?

Harping on the past is of no use. SImply because everything changes.

Why do we hang on to the past so much? Cuz the past tasted much sweeter.

Our pursuit for a new life in university seems to have overshadowed our guilt to go for 02s33 outings. Even when we do go out, we split up into our individual groups. Not that i minded a lot, cuz everyone has different interests. I haf to accept u all for being who u r. I am no saint. I am a human who needs care too. I wish i am a machine who can take flare ups easily, take mean phrases easily as they come, possess no sadness, possess no feeling of hurt when harsh words r hurtled at me and be always there for everyone who wants to flare up at somebody, just so that they can relieve their anger. Yet I am not.

Words mean a lot to me. Cuz they travel through the ears, get processed in the brain and send signals to the heart.


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