Friday, November 12, 2004

The good thing about exams is that they dont last forever. Haha... all the best to you all studying now. Im still in the middle of my course... nearly 9 months now but ahh!! still a long way to go before i finish. Hey DW, where are you posted to now? Any chance of going overseas? If possible you should volunteer to follow some unit to go ROC... haha... its the only overseas posting that is fun.

When will you all be meeting up in Decemeber? Sigh... ill be away for the most of December... should be returning by Christmas though. Meet up ard Christmas? Then ill be able to join you all.

Oh yes... i must say that army life can be quite similar to school. I just had this 4 hour paper, wrote like 12 pages plus drew on 2 maps to answer the question and yet i couldnt finish the paper. My eyes felt out popping out by the time I walked out of the exam hall. Yes and I also have projects to do... 2 in fact and Im expected to complete them when Im out of camp which isnt much time at all. Sigh and people said army life was a no brainer...


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