Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Taken off from the [HwaChongOnLine] :

Years ago when some HCJC students wanted to start the official HCJC alumni, there was tremendous opposition coming from the BOD. It was after a long and gruelling fight, before the HCJC alumni was set up.

The same people who opposed the setting up of HCJC alumni could have been the very same group who were adamant about wiping the HCJC crest and name away. HCJC had 30 yrs, they argued about the 85 yrs of TCHS history. It will just be a never-ending downward spiral, should we continue on this path. Not forgetting, the people in power today, are TCHS old-timers... people who most probably were the ones who went through the 6 yr pre-u course in TCHS.

Yes, it is not fair for the entire HCJC name to disappear at the whims of a group of people. Then again, is anything fair in this world? Not everything can be seen in black and white, there are always grey areas, and many many different shades of grey. Whoever has the most power, will call the shots. It's a chinese thing, unfortunately.

And from another post

And regarding the school crest....like James mentioned....we asked them about the reason why they wanted to remove the crest, and they can't even answer properly. It just seem to us that they are so eager to wipe off everything. There is no reason why the crest cannot remain, even if the school's name changed, if the crest remains, every single ex-students and staff can still have something symbolic to relate the "new" school. By removing the crest, changing name, its as good as telling everybody to forget about all the 30 years of HwaChong JC....

Well... some food for thought perhaps. Yes I know we're probably not getting the full picture just reading from the newsgroup and from our friends still in HCJC, but its obvious that board is deadset against reversing their decision. We all know Mr Ang and his way of doing things very well... and i rather keep my comments on him private for fear of offending any fans out there.

Its one thing to change the name of the school... take away the badge and do anything u want just for your ego sake... but try taking away the memory of my school and the school 30 batches of hwachongians have loved and always loved and see what happens. Most of the teachers in HCJC are not happy to be in the school and its solely because of the "boss" and how he runs the place. Makes you wonder what sort of school we will see a few years down the road.


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