Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hey nana :)

Yes i do try to post... but sometimes its better that you all dont hear me complain about the stuff i do in the week. Its been quite sian for me...sadly i missed the carnival thanks to my live firing on elephant hill (it was a horrible experience... so many things went wrong that night) and will be missing MAF too which is on the 18th bcos ill be in ROC for training. Been missing out on a lot of stuff bcos of army commitments... feeling so trapped here at times cos i cant keep up with what is happening in the outside world.

The good news is that Ill prob be getting out on fridays more often cos of the PM's ND message. The schedule will become more packed though... expecting much longer days ahead.

Oh yes and if you all do read this in time... i recommend you go for the army open house at Safti. Its really quite good and you all will get to try out the latest weapons... sit in the tanks and stuff. Im supposed to go on monday morning... probably go try out the urban challenge. Dewen and Wilbur! If you missed firing your M16s you can go there too... you can get to try the SAR21 and the gpmg... (go fire the GPMG... the experience is worth the trip.. trust me)


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