Sunday, September 19, 2004

wah.. taiwan.. be careful ah.. i heard from my gl tht some guys get very hyped up when they r in taiwan.. visit those red-light districts..

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Me going for to taiwan! Its visit taiwan year too... hope to do shopping there too
yo.. so we meeting what time? Will 6pm be a gd time?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

hey jin yang where r u flying to??
i'll bring sparklers :) yeah cant wait for maf. What time are we meeting?
heyy jinyang take care for your flight kk? :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hey hey

Looks like everybody's going to MAF.... hope you all have fun there. Having off till my flight on Thursday. hmmm... anybody free for dinner tmr? haha.... i also feel like catching the terminal before i leave. anybody want to watch?

Oh yes... im going to sentosa again tmr.... for the amazing raceby my wing! haha.... a larger scale one instead of the 3 team race we had the other time.... hope that it doesnt rain... and that the sun comes up so i can go catch a tan!

ok ok so who's bringing sparklers??
haiya ok okok... i dun try anything funny... shall jus revert to my traditional cheeskcake.. hahaha i'm giving it another try... this time i'm using another recipe from a cheesecake addiction book... ya it involves baking so mayb wun spoil this time. hmm... i'm for ice cream mooncakes... gotta order by some date leh.... ya we play spaklers and lanterns!!!!!!! :)

Friday, September 10, 2004

haha wait long long, i'll nv taste it unless venus tries it first..
oh ya, i dunno abt ntu yet, from what i heard though, shld be able to..
yayayayayay!!! [yea im calling out to yaya too :) ] just confirmed with xinxin and venus, they can make it for the thurs outing too :) yea lets buy ice cream mooncakes :) whee. im on a high now. using school speed to dl movies. wahahahahaha. and i know that nus cannot do filesharing. i heard. ;) how about ntu? xinxin can test taste for venus :)
i wanna go back for maf and eat mooncake!!! :) Venus... just make sure you put it in the fridge this time k? are you guys free on the 16th? That's next thursday... wanna go watch movie? nana and i are going to town... reply reply!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

yo yo!
Venus, pls do not attempt to poison me, for i will retaliate by vomitting on you!
MAF shld start at abt 5plus 6 la, with all the performances rite? Nana, ask huiru?
Anybody interested in ice-cream mooncakes? Den we can go buy! Haha, last yr unsuccessful la..

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

yeah :) then we can all go back together :) haha... then can play with lanterns too... and maybe sparklers too

and venus dear... try not to poison anyone.

but what time does maf start?
venus!! we hear from youuu :) hahaha. yea lets play with lanterns :) whoever's coming, state your arrival, i volunteer to go buy lanterns!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. sorry for being so hyper, i need to release stress. and venus, try not to poison us with your mooncakes yea? heheheheh. xinxin can be the first one to try your products :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

hey hey... sorry know i haven't been blogging... well k better not start on excuses..
yupyup i'll b coming for maf!! everyone muz come... then we can dance mass dance together... hmm... mayb we should bring along lanterns... then we go on a tour around school??? no need for those elaborate lanterns la.. jus the small paper ones... everyone can have one colour!!! yupyup.. then we can also eat mooncakes n "shang yue". anyone got recipe for mooncakes? i try making the snow skin ones and we can eat them!!! yupyup... hey someone got recipe muz tell me k?

Saturday, September 04, 2004

i can go MAF! I shld think so, cuz i don haf much commitments for now.. it will be 2nd last day of my term break, but nvm! haha
hey jinyang!! too late. i dont think any of us are going down for the SAFTI thing. cos im stuck in sch doing research for my projects. you cant come down for MAF? :( oh wells. we were thinking of trying to get the whole class down for MAF. hey dudes [i.e. wilbur and dewen] and dudettes! who's going for MAF?!?
Hey nana :)

Yes i do try to post... but sometimes its better that you all dont hear me complain about the stuff i do in the week. Its been quite sian for me...sadly i missed the carnival thanks to my live firing on elephant hill (it was a horrible experience... so many things went wrong that night) and will be missing MAF too which is on the 18th bcos ill be in ROC for training. Been missing out on a lot of stuff bcos of army commitments... feeling so trapped here at times cos i cant keep up with what is happening in the outside world.

The good news is that Ill prob be getting out on fridays more often cos of the PM's ND message. The schedule will become more packed though... expecting much longer days ahead.

Oh yes and if you all do read this in time... i recommend you go for the army open house at Safti. Its really quite good and you all will get to try out the latest weapons... sit in the tanks and stuff. Im supposed to go on monday morning... probably go try out the urban challenge. Dewen and Wilbur! If you missed firing your M16s you can go there too... you can get to try the SAR21 and the gpmg... (go fire the GPMG... the experience is worth the trip.. trust me)