Thursday, August 12, 2004

why is everybody so busy tsk tsk.

yea i had duty on national day. but it was good cos it was slack, and i get one day off.
did u all see the chinook (the helicopter thingy with 2 sets of propellors, the one that looks like a sausage dog without its limbs.. yes that's the one) with the singapore flag?
well i was at pulau sudong doing medic cover for those engineers in charge of the flags man.. we went there at two, set the flags on the ground, then slacked til five then put the flags on one chinook, then went home hahahaha.. so i never got to watch the parade man.

nothings been happening in my camp except for seeing patients who are trying to like 'geng'. (and that would mean, urm, acting sick if anyone doesn't already no)

oh and i met weina the other day.. eh if yer all free we should meet up again.. if school for yer all is not THAT busy.

gosh i heard staying in NTU dorm is like staying in the army IS THAT TRUE? :) like the bus from the campus to Boon Lay is like ferry from Tekong to Pasir Ris? Hee. Book out on friday nights and book in on sunday nights? sounds the same.

anyway how's things been other than school? or is there really nothing much else now..

ah well ta!!


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