Monday, August 16, 2004

well. that pretty much summarised what i felt too. sometimes i feel as though people are not making the effort to maintain the friendships that was built up during jc life. jc life may be short but the friendships made are supposed to be long lasting isnt it? i dont wanna point fingers but people who are still logging in and making a point to talk sure arent the people whom im referring to. those who seem to have disappeared into thin air are the ones who dont seem to be making an effort. soon those friendships would slowly fade away. thats what i meant. yeah. quite sad that the bulk of the class dont check this blog. or they are not even here in the first place. oh wells.

i'll state explicitly at those at NUS has an easier time cos you guys can still meet up in campus from time to time. not like me and xinxin. not like the guys who are still stuck in NS.

kk i better stop le, im doing this in class.


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