Tuesday, August 17, 2004

wa lao v serious lei..

dun dwell too much on it i think.. dunno like me and my two best friends we used to meet up like twice a year.. now more often cos our weekends are so free. I think friendship is not something we should quantitise so much (coming from me that's weird), but ya. Pple may not agree with me, but i think that friendship is not based on the amt of time spent together, or the amt of chatting done, but rather on trust. U just know the person's gonna be there yer know if he could be.

ya they're in NUS.. i'm in the army man! Imagine how difficult it was to meet up with u guys. (notice 'was' hee) dun worry la.. if u can't be with them in body, be with them in spirit. (eeh that sounded bad) And meeting up too often may not be a good thing either yer know.. so it needs a balance.. if pple dun write doesn't mean they dun care la.. look at me! I've got a screwed up com. (and typing blogs can get irritating man)

anywayz, chillz. at least weina yer have a boyfriend dude.. look at me.. i'm bloody single and lonely. so feel comforted. :)


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