Sunday, August 15, 2004

im back im back. *waves*
monstar has officially gone MIA. something that has happened long time ago.
anyway, yeah, school starting for me as of tmr. officially after playing for one whole week.
a little apprehensive about school considering the timetable is totally new to me. at least the NUS and NTU timetables vaguely remsemble jc timetables. try the SMU one. it's nice and slack but each module for each week is 3hr15min long and i pray hard i dont fall asleep or else sure kena picked on considering the seminar size is about 20odd 30 people. kinda scary.. heavy day is not very heavy, considering i have near 4 hours of break in between. heh. dont know la.. this place is almost dead le. so if you want updates on my life, just refer to my blog. i am the only one who bothers to update about my life via my blog, whoever may be reading it. if you really wanna know what's happening in my life, read my blog. if not, dont complain that i aint updating cos i am. just a matter of whether you bother to read anot. aint my problem if you dont wanna know.

i can feel friendships fading.
people moving on.
well im trying to move on too.
if people dont wanna make the effort to revive fading friendships, then i suppose we have no say in things as well.


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