Sunday, August 15, 2004

hey pple..
i guess all of us r still trying to adapt to life, esp. since uni life holds a lot of new challenges, new faces and oso new timetables.. Everyone has his or her own schedule to follow. I hope that u pple will not think of me as the only one who is always so busy. Despite my busy schedule, i make time for u pple as far as possible. Nowadays, it seems that there will only be a few pple coming here. I don haf 1000 sms, nor do i haf free outgoing mins, hence i cannot always sms u pple. I rely on the internet, since i'm often in sch. I don't come from a well-to-do family, phone bills r charged to my own account. With negative income right now, i scrimp and save if possible.. However, it seems that u pple who go into uni later than me, r even busier than me. I don't haf a choice but to raise up my personal views right now. I don't haf a regular personal blog. Even if i wish to haf one, i cannot commit myself to typing it everyday. That's why i spend time typing here. There's a number of us registered for this blog, yet how many actually sign in here and view this blog? Sometimes, i worry that none perhaps only a few pple blog here..

Can the long time of separation cause our friendships to be on the rocks? It takes both hands to clap.. If we don't come together for gatherings to chit chat, then are we trying to bury these friendships? We've been through the a levels together.. People do say that the a levels are the toughest challenge in life, after being through this, shouldn't we theoritically come closer together? To some of u pple, do not always use my cca(canoeing) as the excuse that i am not asked or invited to gatherings. I haf my own circle of friends i trust, that does not mean i totally neglect u pple.
It always seemed to me that i get no notification of gatherings or events because most likely my team mates would have chope me. Please understand that much as i prefer to be with my team mates, I am always willing to join the class for gatherings.
We are already a small bunch of pple, yet everytime we go out for gatherings, we split into even smaller cliques of pple. I am different, i suppose. I like to make swift decisions, sometimes because of this, i get into misunderstandings. My dear classmates, please pardon me as such. I haf a quick temper which i don't hesitate to show when i am in a particularly catty mood.


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