Sunday, July 18, 2004

hey ppl... was thinking of going kite flying or maybe something more exciting so that everybody can really enjoy and remember. However it seems that not everybody can afford to spare so much time... myself included bcos i have an interview that afternoon and i might have to book in early to do fatigue duty for tim's comms parade.
Well... i propose we set a meeting like at 3pm in orch for those who can meet early. So those who go early can go catch up and stuff, and the rest who cant make it so early just join the group as and when they can make it. Maybe dinner at 7+ in town? Somewhere its easy to get seats or the early group can go early to get a table :)
Yup... then maybe we can end of with bowling/stoning/movie/arcade/gossiping(gasps)/more eating :p/or anything other good suggestion anybody can come out with.
yupz... eh so for now 3pm at orch mrt? can somebody co-ordinate? sijia or nana? Im like half dead in army now... still suffering from sleep deprivation...  demolitions live firing next week so i better not fall alseep during the lessons and the actual firing! yupz.. see you all then! 


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