Tuesday, June 29, 2004

yoz dudes! howz things been.. like urm.. all of yer are busy.. man i wish i can be in uni soon.. i made a pass since i got to my camp and it's got my ord date which is april 2006 and i see it all the time and it feels like the army is jus rubbing it in..

yap got out of combat medic course and now in the airfoce 1st medical squadron as a medic! it's stayout, which is good, but dealing with pple's lives here. i jus hope i dun get confined for one year for mishandling patients. No most of them ARE males. Ok wait.. that jus sounded bad.

and plus the camp has tv and net access! like whoa!

are yer guys meeting up again? sorry been busy lo.. gosh i feel like i'm working now man.. with so many things to do.. but better than those pple who stay in jungles and suck grass like they're cigerrates (i can't spel) everyday.. ok they dun do that..

me? now the doctor wants us to be physically fit and makes us do chin-ups and runs. gosh i can't run anymore!! God give me wings to run.. i mean to fly.. argh.

oh yes.. as to why i haven blogged... heh jus guessed my password correctly finally.. oops. what's a guy got to do with a poor memory man.

miss yer guys. (ok that's too mushy) chill guys! hope yer all enjoy your life now.. yapz



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