Saturday, May 22, 2004

yoyoyoyoyo! hello jinyang, see you're still alive. heh.. where's dewen ah? having pins and NEEDLES issit? ha.ha. Anyway, my main topics are:

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Anyone game for it? please go check your phones to see if you've received a message from nana teo. We're booking tickets tomorrow, latest latest laTest Monday. We're planning to take 2nd June, Wednesday, evening show at GV Plaza (meaning Plaza Singapura or more affectionately known as PS) say 7.00? cos some of you end work only at 6 right? or if you guys can't rush down then we'll take 3rd June, Thursday, 8.30 pm? but it'll last till 10 plus lah... or issit eleven? Whatever. Just reply back your preferred date OK?

2. Class Chalet
Yup! we're gonna have a class chalet, if everything goes well... So please plan early, and tell me the dates that you're free? or rather, whether you're going for holiday, or camps or whatever. Please reply earlier so that we can plan can? otherwise i'll just hamtam a date and book. at most nana and i can have candlelight dinner loh. oops sam don't kill me!!! Aiyah i know lah. sam can come over and i shall go home and sleep on my nice comfy bed. Oops nana don't kill me!!! Okay enough crap. I'm not expecting venus to reply, but lixin eileen and sijia please say something k? Oh guys, we'll try to arrange week end yeah? It'll be at sentosa though...


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