Saturday, May 22, 2004

Hey hows everybody? All the teachers are probably enjoying their last few days in school now =) Its different being a teacher rather than a student right? Well any idea how long the movie will be? Her books keep on getting thicker and thicker. Oh... you know what? My brother's classmates actually tease him that he looks like Harry Potter. I wonder why... I dont really see the resemblence at all.

Anyway I'm back from yet another field camp in sunny tekong. I dunno if its just me but the weather seemed rather hot the past few days. I had 2x navigation excerices plus endless section movement drills (where you and your section all walk in formation and conduct various drills when you make contact with your enemy). It got rather bad as quite a number of people fell out due to heat exhaustion. Yup anyway I got to fire blanks till i was sick of it. Everyday they issue us over a thousand rounds per section and expect us to finish them.

Accidents do happen very frequently during outfield excercises especially during long ones like field camps. Well... on the last day of field camp, I was walking over to pass some food to my friend when I suddenly fell into this deep drain. I fell hitting my leg and my rifle on my head. Thankfully I only escaped with cuts and bruises, and after being cleared by the medic they allowed me to continue on with the activites. I really didnt see the drain at all. It must have been like 2-2.5m deep so I guess I was really lucky. It was 6 the morning, the last day of field camp and I did not have my breakfast yet so I wasnt exactly very awake when I was walking around that day. Lesson learnt..... Dont walk around in the dark without your torchlight.


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