Saturday, May 01, 2004

hello everyone :)

i dunno why i always seem to post my entries so early in the morning. shd have been asleep a long time ago if i was in camp.

anyway.... i nearly couldnt book out for my law interview today! my pc wasnt very willing to let me book out early today but i finally managed to persuade him to reconsider. i went at 1030 when my interview was supposed to be at 1130. so there i was, just having taken my seat outside the room when the interviewer suddenly popped out his head and asked me to enter for the interview. haha.... i was just shocked that he asked me to enter so soon. i nearly thought i could go down to the canteen to get a drink or something first

the interview was okay la.... interrogated by some lady who had a problem accepting my definition on the word "try"... the test was nearly the same as some gp essay question. so there i was trying to remember ms heng's lessons from a time so long ago in the cold cold exam room, writing something that shows some evidence of great thought.


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