Thursday, April 01, 2004

did i mention this before? so happy to see the class blog so vibrant suddenly. and of course all thanks to the guys who remembered the existence of such a place even after their BMT. grin. and of course to the regulars. like sijia, ruoling and xinxin. whatever happened to venus i do not know. and i wonder, since eileen has a blog now, why aint she blogging too. grin.

anyway. i dunno what time my meeting will end.. whine. let's go eat the big O. i want the choc mudpie.... oops. grin. prolly join you guys at ard 7plus 8 i suppose.. i think. cos that's my first meeting for my post camp project mah. ooh i'm invited to be in the comn, that's why i have my first meeting on that day. grin. happy triple boing. grin.

uh jinyang, no point setting up OP by class bench cos wenyi wont be there. she'd be somewhere in mediacorp preparing and practicing.. just watch ms singapore universe on saturday night. tho i STILL maintain my stand that they seriously behaved like bimbos in the prelude and trust me, this is not sour grapes. heh. wonder what the heck is wenyi doing la, with Alevels coming at the end of the year. but then again, it's her life, not mine. heh.

hey guys, do tell us where you guys get posted yeah? and dewen, your jokes are as lame as ever. seriously. but i gotta admit, i do miss your lame jokes. grin. and somehow dewen sounds different. maybe NS really did change him. hahahaha..


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