Sunday, April 04, 2004

Sia la... it's a pity wenyi won't be at class bench.. oh she's missing a lot of lessons? Oh does she need tuition or just plain free help for her subjects? Oh I know this guy who can help her.. I heard his maths is not bad.. wait .. ain't that me? Muahahahaha!

Set up observation post? Sorry ah no wonder i never go ocs.. i'm the cheong sua type lo.. esp when it comes to girls HAHAHA (i'm sure u know what i mean jin yang)

I sound different? I sure hope so.. if someone tell me that army has been for NOTHING ah.. i tell u, I will just...

I'm so touched someone actually missed my lame jokes.. gosh.. lame jokes and de wen are like sine-nonymous.. i mean..synonymous.. (i think the maths is rubbing off)

Like never touch maths for so long, then just started doing again.. wa lao.. it's like you haven't been going to the toilet then u tahan v long then suddenly u go.. nvm.. let's not go into that right now..

Aw.. i want to be a relief teacher.. instead now i have to go around injecting pple.. pple's precious lives are in my hands right now can u believe that!? Yes i am a combat medic. Now i have to cheong sua with camou and stretcher..

8th will be in camp lei... i thot u all wanted to go out on good friday... eileen tell me one.. oh where's her blog? I wanna read it..

Nope i din pass SOC either.. i failed the swing trainer (aka monkey bar with really thick bars and really thick gaps between them.. talk abt being verbose). Just not meant to swing i guess.. in both ways..

Running develops leg muscles yes ah.. but dunno why just can't jump lo.. and some more my sit test results were good.. just ordered everyone around.. and they listened!! mua haha


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