Thursday, April 01, 2004

Hmm... you are really really lucky Dewen. In the past they used to force people to recourse BMT if they failed their ippt. Imagine doing SOC, BCCT (Basic Close Combat Training), parade rehearsals, field camp and sit. (situational) test all over again! (Esp eating at the cook house... they dont give you enough food and you wonder why everything they serve looks the same day in day out). Luckily the system has changed and people need only to meet the sufficient attendance for all the lessons. Oh did you pass your SOC?

Dance classes... haha.... ya actually i dont think i can afford the time since i'd prob only get my saturdays and sundays free. need lots of sleep and time to recover from training too! Been slacking this week... i'd better go and run when i wake up later today (0117 now) opps... its way past lights out. lol.... i'd bet the COS will prob come up and ask me to carry on 20 ;P... or ask me to go run 10 rounds around the track.

haha... she's really from our junior class? how come i dont remember seeing her b4? haha... i suddenly feel like poping by hc. dewen... lets set up an O.P.(observation post) by the class bench k ^_^

lots of people enlisting these few days... including our very own wilbur! hey enjoy yourself there... remember what not to bring in there (pork) and never... never... never... loose your rifle. Say hi to my segts. for me if you happen to get posted to scorpion. dont bend over to pick up your soap... dont sign out of the box... dont loose your 11B and always salute everybody above the rank of let!

outing on the 8th? hmm... try to make it... depends if im still waiting to book out or if im out defending my country from robbers who happen to get lost!
la la la la la... 4 more days to book in day.


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