Friday, April 09, 2004

hi dears... today was fun :) here is a timetable of what we all did today.

12 plus:
meet eileen at orchard and attempt to go shopping. halfway, elsa and venus joined us. oh yes.. later we also met ruoling and nana.

2 plus:
stopped shopping and met xinxin, zhangqing, yanlian, dewen, wilbur, yuan and vivian(did i spell her name correctly?) We then all proceeded to crystal jade to eat and talk. Jinyang joined us halfway and wilbur left halfway. maybe they playing 'xiang4 zhuo2 zou3 xiang4 you4 zou3'

dunno what time later... basically afer crystal jade:
went to hmv and half of us went to eat cheesecake and the other half went shopping i think, not quite sure. oh yes, before hmv stopped by hello shop and nana configured her phone. and dewen also left halfway. (haha.. all the guys have to book in)

later at around 5 plus i think, maybe 6 plus:
half of them left for home and the rest of us went to see if there is any good movie to watch. At least that was our motive, in the end we ended up walking slowly up the building and lost venus and zhang qing to shopping. Hai... But then we met jingwen halfway and proceeded to see if got good movie to watch. Sadly, there was no we made yanlian go home coz she was sick, xinxin stayed with jingwen and nana, ruoling and me went to peace centre to buy a guitar for ruoling.

when we reached peace centre ( dunno what time ):
we found out that the guitar shop was closed :( and so as not to waste the bus fare to go there, we sat at peace centre and talked crap. Can you believe it, we actually were trying to make sam to come out to play bridge with us. too bad he could not, if not we could have played bridge that day.

After having sat enough (745 i think ... if i did not remember wrongly.):
we went to rochore (spelt correctly?) beancurd store and ate tau huey. dont believe we went to eat again after eating so much. hai....

then after tau huey (dunno what time again):
believe it or not, we then proceeded to ntuc to do grocery shopping.

after ntuc:
we then walked down from ntuc to simlim. dunno at what at what shopping centre, we sent to a korean supermarket and did more grocery shopping. From there,we went onwards through the bugis street shops ( is that what it is called? ) On the way i tell you can smell people cooking butter prawns ... so xiang ... but we decided not to eat it. so we went on and walk walk and ...hai... ended up at burger king.

at burger king ( think now 8 plus nine already)
we all ordered the new burger (the new cheese and italian sauce one, can you believe it? more eating ...hai....) and asked the person to cut it into three for us. And the preson cut it into 2 1/4s and a half. Now how on earth can we share it? So us being smart girls asked for a plastic knife and cut the half into 2 parts. Now we have 4 parts :) so we each ate a part and now we had one part left. Now we attempted to cut this mini part in three even more mini parts... haha.. that was a rather messy operation and we succeeded :) And the burger was nice... you all must try.

9 pm ( around there):
Now we finally decided to go home. And on the way home... we decided to post a timetable, here is the time table. And that ended our 'adventure' so to speak.

ruoling said she will download the pictures.. maybe we can see that later :) hope everyone enjoyed the class outing :)


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