Tuesday, March 02, 2004

yoyoyoyoyo... nana's been using black these days... must be the boredom. :) hey guys, look out for erin brockovich this sunday, 7.00 pm. she's so witty. not my idol actually, but i just like her wit. :)

i emailed zhangqing a couple of times, but she didn't reply.. :( she only emailed me once but that was like so long ago. i miss zhang qing and gribbit.. :( are the PRCs coming back to collect results? or just get people to take on their behalf? it's an air ticket afterall... but if i could afford it i would want to do it. it's like my hard work and sweat so even if it's scrap it's my scrap, so i'll want to take it myself....

i miss the class bench.. i miss the toilet. really... i like the way the toilet was so convenient, and how we could hear pple screaming at the class bench when we're in the toilet... I miss changing into PE attire and hopping down to PE, eager to play volleyball... I miss break. I miss bridge sessions, I miss the times when we tried to pon chinese enrichment classes but we ALWAYS ended up in there. i miss SCHOOL... :( i miss playing with the toys, i miss xiaohei, i miss the doingsandboingsandtripledoingsandtripleboings we would scribble on our worksheets... I miss copying notes (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???).. yeah.. I miss lectures... I miss training, i miss the satisfaction of completing 5 sets of 1-arm snatch with venus.. I miss the loud whamming of the bar against the bench when we do bench pull... I miss studying in the library with nana, discussing buble and jazz... I miss studying at KAP with Jingwen... I miss school days...

*quack* i miss company. i'm bored... *quack* *splat*


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