Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Yes it has grown more vibrant.. must be because of MEEE~~!!! HA! (now I find a place to hide)

Wow... three people commenting on my IPPT failure ha.. yes IPPT is the test you take IN BMT.. I can do pull ups but I can't jump for nuts.. so what to do? I've got a great feeling i'll end up being a medic.. and that's not good because medics have to practice injections on themselves.. seven times a day.. what a great way to be holy. (holey.. get it? HAHAHAHA... time to shoot myself)

I realize ah.. when people go into army, and they are asked to go out.. two questions come out of their mouths. First, are there girls. If yes, are they cheo? Seriously, my maths senior met me at orchard with my group of frens, then we chatted for a while, then he asked.. sheesh.. every one not attached becomes suddenly desperate..

DRIVING LESSONS!!? Argh.. i wan also.. hope i become driver.. then get driving licence for FREE!! Muahahaha!!

Eh I song i/c for my platoon one eh.. before we pop la... my fav song is the underwear song.. heh.

eeeh.. what's happening on the 8th?

Download the song "1000 words" from FFX-2.. it's absolutely fantarstique!!

Ta dudes.

Wa lao... that bridgette cheo leh.. i dun believe.. sia la.. 03s33 one ah... *stunned*


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