Wednesday, March 31, 2004

oh you mean IPPT is the one you have to take b4 you go into army... not the one the guys have to take in the end?

dewen why did you fail it again? i thought you said you could do pull ups already? You mean you really have to go through bmt again?

And jinyang i dont think i will have time for dance lessons coz i have driving lessons on top of my tuition classes.

Shopping shopping... when? i thought xinxin was talking about that shop with nice clothes right? can we go there and see? Shall we all go shopping after we get our pay?

And yes nana i am going on the 8th. very long nvr see you all already :) And about our junior wenyi, quite amazing right? i was so amazed when wendy told me about it. And from the picture, she looks so different.

haha... break record today, actually blogged 3 times. :)


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