Monday, March 01, 2004

hey people. i hope you guys like the new layout.. been fooling around with the html for quite some time. and i have absolutely no idea why i'm fooling around with layouts these few days.


i realise we blog alot more when we were having our Alevels. maybe because dewen and jinyang were crapping alot more here as well. and the number of posts decrease by the month as it goes by.. it would be nice to see everybody in class blogging and keeping in touch here but seems like the PRCs aint quite interested in joining them.. anybody heard from any of them in china? i havent heard from any of them.. wonder if zhang qing is back in singapore now.. i know weichong is back. wanted to catch hold of him on drama feste night but surprisingly he disappeared *poof* into thin air.. yeah. and with yanlian sijia and eileen having cookie problems, looks like only 4 of us will be here posting messages..


as we get our results this week, i sure hope everybody will get the results they want (me included) and hopefully everybody will be happy enough to go out together for dinner on that day since it's rare that everybody will most likely be free and together as a class right? yeah. i hope i'll be happy that day. i hope.

till then, enjoy our last days and see ya guys around at the 7C class bench on the d-day.. oh and yes, did you guys hear that there's a 04s7c and they're taking our place at the class bench now? roo told me. *grin*

monstar waves *hi* *cookie*
xiaoliang says *wherefore art thou xiaohei*
the wibbits say *wibbit*

lurve, nana.


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