Thursday, March 11, 2004

FINALLY!!! weichong is blogging!!! harlowz weichong! =)

anyway. hey "M", if you cant take our crap, dont read. it's a free world online and everybody is free to say whatever they want. this is what a blog meant for, for us to vent our fustrations and state whatever shit we dont like. if people can mock verbally, why not do it online? it's almost like reading one's personal online blog and take offence at whatever he/she put up. it's not fair for you to state what you dont like and dont wanna see. these are my fingers and im free to type whatever i like. so there.

same to whoever reads my blog. if YOU take offence, too bad. i got the freaking right to vent out my anger and fustrations and who the hell cares what you think. if i give a damn to every single opinion being voiced out, i might as well not live.

and oh 'M', feel free to MOCK our class on your own blog. seriously. do it before your class is separated. or when people leave. you dont know how MUCH our class went through. but i know what you're thinking now. who bloody cares what YOUR class went through. right? "P

not that im in a foul mood now. i just simply hate it when people try to control what i type. or say. or post. whatever. too bad. or when people take offence. go ahead and bitch behind my back. i dont quite give a damn.

seriously. go ahead in bitch in YOUR class blog. go. GO. why are you waiting?


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