Wednesday, March 31, 2004

dewen you failed IPPT again?!?!?!?!?! you ah. what can i say?
suddenly the class blog is so vibrant. finally. grin.

jinyang, now i got no time to go learn dance.. unless you guys can figure out a nice time over the weekend though i suspect i need that time to come up with worksheets mark scripts and learn my jap as well.. my intermediate class jap is on sunday from 10-12.30.. and i dont have time to do homework!!! oops.

yesh but i think i have time for shopping. when dearies?
and yeah, 8th time and place not settled yet right? tiang sijia you're coming k? grin.
just note that i'll be at NCSS ghim moh having my meeting ( i think.. ) and i can get to town quite easily from there.. when i say town i mean orch..

eh people, check out ms singapore universe contestant no 20. huiru says that bridgette leong is (in actual fact) our junior leong wenyi (not wendy). yes the one whom the class dont really like and she keeps to herself and yes, i admit, (i'm not trying to be mean here) the nerdy one. go see and tell me if you think it's her la. it is just damn unbelievable.


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